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Are You Set Up to Incorporate Your Business Correctly?

If you plan on growing your business, it’s important to get it incorporated so that it’s officially registered and can have taxes filed properly. To do that, you’ll need to file articles of incorporation, which will give the state the appropriate information on the company. California has their own laws on what you will need to complete the appropriate documents correctly, but generally the following items are what you’ll need.

Your Business Name and Registered Agent

Getting your company incorporated requires having a name usually not already taken, and in some cases, it will have the “Inc.” tacked on the end of it. You also need to explain what your business purpose is, which could be your mission statement, but in some cases the state may want more details. You also need to make sure you have your incorporator’s name listed and the registered agent assisting you with filing. That agent must have a physical address.

Governance And Financial Information

Typically, you will need to have company executives listed on the articles of incorporation, which include members of your board of directors and officers like the CEO and COO. You also need information on how many shares of stock you will be authorizing, what the anticipated market value of those shares will be, and whether you’ll be issuing both common and preferred shares. You don’t necessarily have to disclose the actual sale price of the shares.

Getting the articles of incorporation prepared should be done in the presence of an attorney to ensure you file correctly. If you’re ready to get your company incorporated in California, you should visit our Palm Springs corporate law firm as soon as possible.

Writing Good Contracts Protects Your Business From Risk

What Is A Good Contract? 

A perfectly prepared contract covers many details, both minor and major. A contract is more than a list of these details, but also includes the business processes and decisions. It is important that you document your processes to the respective transaction.

What Are The Risks Of A Poorly Written Contract 

An improperly created contract can make your company vulnerable in the event of an upset client or could also mess up your relationship with vendors. The more potential vulnerability there is, the more of a priority it is to consult an attorney to help with your contract. 

What Can Make Your Contracts Better? 

An attorney can advise you on contract issues, or even create a good contract system for you. They can provide updated contracts and policies that will be practical and help you get the necessary signatures. Their work will help your business negotiations with organization, and they can assist with awareness of any potential risk probabilities. 

Where To Find Knowledgeable Legal Advice? 

SBEMP has attorneys that are experienced in various types of contracts. They have been doing this type of work in the Palm Springs area with clients from various business industries. They understand how to use contracts, clauses, procedures, and systems to reach an end of profit and build relationships between businesses. Whether you need a review, draft, consultation, audit, training, or something custom created, contact SBEMP’s Palm Springs corporate law firm for a low risk, uniform contract system.

Ways to Value Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets

Analysis of IP valuation may not be correct because the analyst may lack experience and understanding of the legal issues in connection with assets. Even when market comparables are provided, comparable contacts should be adjusted to show the differences among various transactions, and the variances in the intellectual property or intangible assets.

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The Benefits of Companies Establishing an LLC

Businesses, by law, are required to adopt formalities within the corporation to ensure the company functions as a separate entity to themselves, independent of the company’s owners. A Limited Liability Company is also known as an LLC and is, for instance, set up as the entity itself and shields the individual owners from personal liability.

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Why Many Major Corporations Are Concerned About Corporate Antitrust Affirmative Recovery Litigation

Competition is an important part of business. The threat of a monopoly is always there. Whenever there is a monopoly, businesses and consumers are negatively impacted. These issues frequently occur in The United States and Europe. Corporate antitrust victims should consult one of our San Diego business litigation attorneys to help them recover what they are owed. In the past, victims have received millions of dollars. Continue reading

Why You Need a Business Attorney for Your Firm

If you are running a business at any level, you may need a lawyer at one point. It is not easy to start and run a venture without rubbing shoulders with employees, competitors and other stakeholders. If your business is small, you do not need an attorney, however, as time goes by, you will realize the need to get one. Continue reading

Why Palm Springs Corporate Lawyers are Important In Today’s Changing Times

The DOJ, the Department of Justice section of financial crimes, the FDIC and other aspects of federal regulation, have made strides in cracking down on money laundering. There are still issues that exist, and enforcement remains a challenge. Here is a brief overview of how this all pans out in the day-to-day life of financial liability and the enforcement placed on compliance officers. Continue reading

The Right Corporate Attorney Essential To Success

Quality Legal Counsel Ensures Corporate Success

Business owners who want their company to experience success need to establish four essential things. Their company must provide a product or service that people need or desire. Second, their product or service must be effectively marketed to their target audience. Continue reading

Steps to Organizing Your Corporation

Whenever you are looking to start up and organize a business, it is important to know about all of the legal procedures that must be followed. These procedures must be followed so that you can keep your corporation valid and in good standing. If any corporation or limited liability company goes out of business, the last thing that any owner will want to do deal with is a considerable amount of business debts. Business owners that are not careful can face considerable consequences such as being sued and otherwise liable for the business debts. Continue reading

Understanding The Foundation Of Corporate Law

What Is Corporate Law?

Essentially, corporate laws are the laws associated with business entities that include partnerships and corporations. Corporate law is also known as company or business law. They specify how a corporation is set up, the taxes, documents, and specific registration requirements. They also govern contracts, sales, and employees. They focus on the relationship between businesses and consumers. They provide the foundation that defines how commerce laws should be conducted. Continue reading

Why Contracts Are Important to Businesses

Contracts are one of the most important elements of the business world. They ensure that both a business and their clients understand their obligations and have their rights protected. While a promise and handshake may work for an agreement between friends, it is simply not enough for any kind of serious business relationship. To protect your business, here are some simple tips about contracts:

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Why All Corporations Need A Corporate Attorney

Companies often make the unfortunate mistake of overlooking the importance of legal infrastructure. When they are faced with a lawsuit, they are left staggering, unable to complete normal operations because they did not have a proper infrastructure or a plan of action. However, there are several strategies and methods of preparation to develop and maintain a robust structure for your company.

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How To Choose The Right Leveraged Buyout

What Is A Leveraged Buyout?

A leveraged buyout, also known as a LBO, is a strategy tactic from big investment companies that allows them to use borrowed funds to pay monetary responsibility for their acquisition. They also use debt to finance their aggressive business deals using items that include junk bonds, traditional bank loans, and other similar sources. Continue reading

What is Corporate Restructuring?

Corporate restructuring is the process by which organizational changes are made to increase a company’s value, help it to adjust to the demands of growth, make it more competitive in the marketplace, help it survive adverse economic conditions, and/or position the company to move in a new direction. Continue reading

Understanding Endorsement in Banking Law

There are different meanings derived from endorsement. However, it is the act of the payee or owner signing his/her name on the back of the bill of exchange, check or other negotiable instruments to make it cashable/payable to another by anyone in the law of negotiable instruments such as securities and checks. Continue reading

The Validity of Partnership Agreements

The state laws govern your business partnership’s operation and creation rules without a partnership agreement. Every state has variations regarding the Uniform Partnership Act. A partnership constitution allows your business tailors its standards and operations fit the company. Your Continue reading

The 6 Types of Corporations in California

When forming a new corporation in the U.S., each state has different requirements. California has a particular set of requirements and there are some very good reasons to incorporate a business. Coachella Valley corporate attorneys are experts in professionally setting up new American corporations. Continue reading