Why Construction Disputes Are Better Resolved Through Mediation

Even the best contractors, project managers, and lenders occasionally find themselves in court facing legal problems. You could find yourself disputing the specific facets of a project, the designed price of a job, or even orders that constantly change over the course of a project. A client may dispute the quality of a completed job, or even feel that there were unnecessary delays. The results of any type of legal dispute aren’t pleasant.

Most construction cases will enter litigation or arbitration. In some cases, both parties consider mediation instead. In mediation, each party has the opportunity to participate in negotiations. A mediator oversees the process, ensuring that the case never makes it to a courtroom. Mediation actually comes with quite a few benefits for those dealing with any construction-related issue.

Mediation Is Affordable

In comparison to other methods of handling construction-related disputes, mediation is much more affordable. Mediators tend to charge per hour, and a construction case may take no more than a few days to settle. Do you run and operate your own business, unable to afford days away from work? Mediation may be the best option available to you.

Mediation Is Fast

Looking for a quicker way to manage disputes? Mediation may be the key. Rather than waiting months of even years for a set trial date, you can mediate a construction issue in a matter of days. In cases where a resolution is required to continue or finish a project, quick solutions are often necessary to get back on track.

Mediation Encourages a Mutual Agreement

The mediator will encourage both parties to arrive at solution that is agreeable on each side. On the other hand, going to court typically means that one party walks away feeling like the only “winner.” Mediation allows both parties to arrive at a more creative solution.

Mediators Are Well-Versed in Construction

Using a mediator who is well versed in construction can make handling your case much simpler. A mediator skilled in construction cases uses their expertise to work out a problem. Those who work in the construction industry feel comfortable knowing that they will be working with somebody who has industry expertise.

Mediation offers an array of benefits, ranging from convenient to cost. Of course, it is also much easier to work with somebody if you have reached an agreement together rather than going to court and having a solution made for you. Palm Springs mediation attorneys can help you reach an amicable resolution.

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