When an STD Can Become a Personal Injury Claim in Court

In the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), cases of almost all STDs have risen at a sharp rate in the past decade. The highest at-risk group is individuals over the age of 65, however, the increase in infection exists across all demographics. STDs can result in serious discomfort and require immediate medical attention for proper treatment. Even scarier (especially for those over 65), is the fact that STDs put stress on the immune system, exacerbating existing conditions to potentially dangerous extents.

Can You Seek Monetary Reimbursement for an STD Infection?

Considering the costs of reactive medical treatment and the implications thereof, it behooves anyone that has been infected to seek monetary reimbursement for infection. While it may seem strange to ponder, STD’s are actually a form of personal injury. Civil litigation can be the difference between receiving justice or paying for expensive remedies.

Not all cases of STDs can be pursued with legal action. The victim carries to burden of verifying that the infected party was aware or should have been aware of their disease, that the infected party did not make it known, and that the STD was the direct result of the lack of information.

How to Avoid Getting an STD

Rather than having to pursue legal means, it is ideal to prevent the situation, practicing proper responsibility. STD screening can verify someone’s status, and at a time of exponential increases in infection, awkwardness is no excuse to not ask your partner for verification. Protection is another form of preparedness that will allow you to mitigate critical damage. Whatever the case, remember that awareness is key.

If you think that you’ve been negligently infected with an STD and your partner failed to tell you, consider getting a consultation with our Coachella Valley personal injury attorney.

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