What is Municipal Law? Discover Terms and Practice Areas

Municipal laws refer to a set of rules and regulations specifically designed to govern a city or county and the government departments within those cities and counties. A municipal law covers a wide variety of issues ranging from police, zoning, education system to taxes, and residential issues.

Terms Commonly Used in Municipal 

These are rules and regulations through which a city or a county operates. Every activity of the municipality must adhere to the by-laws.

Zoning covers rules used to govern the use and distribution of land in a municipality.

Municipal Charter
This is the document that was used to form the municipality.

Municipal Corporation
This is the legal power given to a municipality that allows it to sue, be sued or trade.

Police Power
Police power refers to the ability of a municipality to use the police force to maintain law and order among the local residents.

These are the laws that are issued by the municipality.

Practice Areas for Municipal Issues

Most municipalities have lawyers that represent them in case of a lawsuit. They are like the legal representatives of the city or county. Apart from working with the municipalities, some attorneys are specially trained in municipal laws and work with the local residents who want to sue the municipalities. 

Municipal Laws Practice Areas

Municipals are responsible for creating policies that control land use. They are also major contributors in designing real estate policies such as zoning and property tax guidelines. Municipal authorities are the only bodies that set property taxes and decide the projects that will benefit from the revenues collected. In addition, municipalities employ the local police, and they are liable for any violation of civil rights or any other damages caused by the police.

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