What is a Shareholder Agreement?

A shareholders agreement is essentially an agreement between shareholders designed to outline the way business dealings will be handled between each party in the agreement. Though they are not mandatory, shareholders agreements are considered a valuable resource and are aimed to provide protection in the event of a dispute among shareholders.

A qualified Palm Springs corporate attorney is a great resource if you are in need of a shareholders agreement that is comprehensive and written to protect all involved parties.

What the Shareholder Agreement Defines

In addition to arbitration rules, the shareholder agreement also defines the roles, responsibilities and functions of each shareholder. The agreement enables everyone to have a clear view of their responsibilities. Implementing the use of a shareholder agreement can also foster better working relationships among shareholders as shareholder expectations are clearly defined from the very beginning.

A shareholders agreement is generally viewed as a final document that cannot be changed on a whim, as it is a binding contract. All requirements for revision of the agreement should be clearly defined in the shareholders agreement as well.

How a Corporate Attorney Can Help 

Shareholder agreements are often complicated in nature and should not be drawn up without the assistance of a qualified corporate attorney. There are many experienced corporate attorneys with the required knowledge to draft comprehensive shareholder agreements.

Our Palm Springs corporate attorneys will ensure that all shareholder concerns are properly addressed and will provide legal guidance on what should typically be included in your shareholder agreement. You should consider consulting an experienced attorney who is partnered with our reputablePalm Springs corporate law firm

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