What Employees Can Do to File a Claim for Wages Owed

If an employee has a claim against their employer because of unpaid wages or compensation, then they can file a claim with the DLSA, just as long as it falls under the jurisdiction of the Labor Commissioner. The State Labor Commissioner does not have jurisdiction over people who are considered independent contractors.

What Employees Can Claim

An ex-employee, or even a current employee, can file a wage claim in order to recover unpaid wages, and this includes commissions and bonuses. They can also file a claim to recover a final paycheck that they never received or recover unused vacation hours that they were not paid when they were terminated from the company. These are just a few examples and there are many others, such as trying to recover unauthorized deductions, failure to provide a rest period that follows the guidelines of the applicable Welfare Commission Order and for unpaid business expenses.

Claims can be very complex, and they can become even more complicated when there are large numbers of employees who have filed. On top of that, the person or persons filing the claims will need to have accurate records so they can prove their claims.

Employees should do business with a qualified Coachella Valley corporate law firm. Coachella Valley corporate attorneys who have the experience and knowledge can help employees or former employees who want to file a claim. A good law firm will have a success rate, such as being able to settle cases either prior to or after a certification of the class.

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