What are Zoning Laws and How Do Attorneys Help Businesses with Them?

 Zoning is a set of rules that are put into place by the government, which states that a set piece of land can only be used for certain purposes. These zoning laws are meant to protect the area from things humans can do that would destroy the environment, like pollution.

Common Zoning Laws

Some common zoning laws are those that state land can only be used for agriculture, industrial, commercial, or residential use. Each of these zoning restrictions can then be subdivided into how intensively the area should be used for those purposes.

How Attorneys Help Your Business with Zoning Laws

However, one major problem with land use laws is that they can be very difficult to understand.  A Coachella Valley land use and zoning attorney can look into zoning laws in order to determine if a piece of land can be developed in the manner that you want it to be.

An attorney can then help to make sure that your property can be developed in that manner. An attorney can make sure that it fits with existing laws or can attempt to have the laws change can do this.

Zoning Disputes

A Coachella Valley land use and zoning attorney can also help you in a zoning dispute with either residents or the government. The attorney can negotiate on their client’s behalf or resolve the matter in court.

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