What are Intentional Torts and How Are They a Personal Injury?

Intentional torts are those behaviors and acts that are done with a direct intention. This means that a person can either touch you with a purpose or intentionally threaten you, and a possible violation may have occurred. The person who is being assaulted or battered needs to have received a threat or hit. A Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer can help you to assess the viability of your intentional tort case.

Our Coachella Valley personal injury law firm helps go over the details and records of your personal injury case.

The following information is used to determine the strength of your claim:

  • The specific physical injuries of your claim will need to be assessed. Personal injury cases today need evidence. A medical record will help you to win your claim, either with a defendant’s insurance company or through the personal injury courts.
  • An assault claim is more general in nature and can be harder to win. Assault means that you have been threatened intentionally with harm. Being significantly frightened, in some circumstances, can be a successful assault claim, if you acted on these threats and were injured when moving away from the perpetrator, for example. Falling and injuring yourself after being threatened can be used with a successful assault claim.
  • False imprisonment is another type of intentional tort and personal injury. This means that you are kept in a location against your will, and the detention is intentional by the perpetrator.

How Our Coachella Valley Personal Injury Lawyers Help You

Deciding the severity of your claim is what our Coachella Valley personal injury lawyers help you with. Your personal injury case will need sustainable proof, for example, in order to be winnable in court. Our Coachella Valley personal injury law firm assists with insurance claims as well.

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