What a Special Needs Lawyer Helps with Estate Planning for Persons with Special Needs

Having the government interfere with your estate is one of the biggest problems your loved ones have to handle. This problem becomes even bigger if the person who receives part of the estate happens to have special needs. It can also greatly increase the chances of the government taking an exceptionally active role in the management of the estate. The best way to avoid this is by having a Palm Springs special needs lawyer manage the estate.

Organizing the Estate to Support the Person with Special Needs

The first thing a Palm Springs special needs lawyer can do is help organize the estate so that it will transfer over to the person with special needs following the death of the original holder. This is especially important, as there is a good chance that a person with special needs will not be able to help with the transition. They may also not be competent enough to sign for the estate.

Managing the Estate on Behalf of the Person with Special Needs

The Palm Springs trust and estate lawyers can help manage the estate on behalf of a person with special needs. This will frequently involve making payment from the estate in order to cover the costs of the special needs person’s expenses.

Trust and Estate Lawyers Help With Estate Management

Other things the lawyer can help with include paying for a caregiver, managing tax payments, and giving the special needs person spending money. The trust and estate lawyer can arrange for the estate to be managed by a financial advisor. This will allow for the estate to grow and ensure that the money never runs out.

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