Two Types of Trademarks to Protect Your Company

Owners of goods and services who wish to protect the rights to their goods and services use trademarks to protect their brand from being stolen or misused. In America, preparing an application and having it authorized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is how to do this. The applicant must be knowledgeable in the different trademarks and how they are applicable to the owner.

Research Diligently First

It is imperative that the correct mark is selected and registered, which means that the document, and the legalities included, are completely understood so that another company does not use the mark. Our Palm Springs business transaction law firm serves clients with accuracy and strict legal boundaries so that the client is assured of the proper trademark.

What Is a Trademark?

First, a trademark is defined as a mark that includes a specific design element to uniquely identify an individual product or service. There are two types of trademarks that work well with the general public.

1) A character trademark uses only words, letters, numbers or any combination of the above and because it prohibits another party’s use of anything similar, it provides the most extensive protection.
2) A special form mark is a trademark that is strictly a logo or artistic design. This applicant should know that any modifications made to the trademark may deem the trademark null and void.

In order to find and use the correct trademark, a qualified trademark attorney must be used. Our Palm Springs business transaction law firm specializes in trademark law, so yours will be secure.

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