The Top 3 Questions and Answers About Wage and Hour Disputes

Labor laws protect the modern worker or employee. One of its key purposes is to ensure they receive the proper wages. Even intricate specifications governing the calculation of an employee’s wage, certain conflicts still arise.

Conflict Between Employers and Workers Concerning Pay

There may be a conflict between employers and their workers about discrepancies in pay. Asserting one’s rights sometimes leads to an employee losing their job. Many are hesitant about bringing up issues about their wages and work hours.

It is also legal for an employee to consult with a Coachella Valley corporate law firm about their wage and working hour concerns. Our Coachella Valley corporate law firm can assess the situation from an experienced standpoint. We help employees figure out the methods of action available to them.

Most Common Questions About Wage and Hour Disputes

Below are just a few of the questions commonly asked of a typical Coachella Valley corporate law firm on wage and hour disputes:

1) When can an employer legally withhold or deduct an employee’s pay?

An employer can dock a worker’s pay if the latter is considerably late for work. There is also the possibility they could dock their pay if they don’t show up without calling in sick.

An employer can sue an employee for damages. They can sue in the case the employee inflicted damage on equipment or materials over the course of their work. An employer cannot legally reimburse the said cost by deducting it from the salary of the employee in question.

2) When is an employee eligible for overtime pay?

Overtime is defined as a measure of time spent doing work outside the mandated working hours. An employer calculates base pay only with the mandated working hours in mind. Overtime work results in extra pay for the employee.

The only time that an employee is not entitled to overtime pay is if they completed overtime work, despite their boss or employer’s express instruction not to do so. Employees who forgot to report their overtime hours are still eligible since it is the employer’s job to keep track of their staff’s working hours.

3) Can travel time be count as part of one’s paid working hours?

Travel time to the workplace is not included in the working hours’ calculation. The only time when travel time can be classified as part of an employee’s working hours is when a worker is obliged to undertake job-related tasks while traveling.

Contact Our Coachella Valley Corporate Law Firm for a Consultation

Whether you are an employer or employee who has questions about wage and hour disputes, contact SBEMP. Our Coachella Valley corporate law firm handled many cases for employees and employers in their cases. Contact us at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation.

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