The Six Stages of Mediation and How to Get Through Them

Understanding the steps of mediation and each person’s role within them can greatly aid parties before choosing litigation.

Before Mediation

There are two stages before you reach the negotiating table.

First is Pre-Mediation, where the buildup of all the conflict, animosity, and bitter behavior occurs. This can last several days or years. Many failed attempts of resolution happen here. Once the relationship has broken down and the two realized they need mediation they enter the second stage

Agreement to Mediate. In this stage, there is often tension and resentment. One or both parties may try to reinforce their position with bully-tactics. The challenging part of this stage is to not respond when/if you are confronted.

During Mediation

Next comes the Beginning Stage. This is the time that the mediator gets to know you and your situation. Each side will get a chance to be heard, however little, if anything gets resolved during this stage.

The Working Stage is where most of the progress is made. A plan to resolve the impasse is made here. Short term and long term interests will be addressed and a plan that fits everybody’s needs will be proposed.

Once everything is agreed upon you will enter the Ending Stage. Here mediators prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a document that outlines agreement.

After Mediation

Finally comes the Post-mediation stage. This is where the agreement is put in to place. Depending on how well both parents adhere to the agreement, there may or may not be a need for post mediation discussions.

This process can be very challenging. Getting someone to help you who is as trained as Palm Springs mediation attorneys can be of great value. You don’t have to suffer through any more arguments. Call today for a consultation.

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