The Phases of a Merger or Acquisition

Whether you’re considering a horizontal merger, in which you acquire a direct competitor or a vertical one, in which you take over one of your customers or suppliers, consider enlisting the help of our Palm Springs mergers and acquisitions firm. Our professionals can also help you acquire new markets in a market-extension merger, new goods in a product extension merger, or combine a wide array of specialties in a conglomeration. Whichever type of merger you choose, the steps are the same and must be followed carefully in order to ensure success.

Analyze the Business and Its Potential

The first step is, of course, to analyze the business you wish to acquire. Through this process you determine the risks and benefits of merging with a particular organization to determine the best merger candidates.

 After a merger target is selected, both the acquiring company and its potential target are examined more closely to determine the specifics of the restructuring process. The owners of the company to be absorbed then meet with their potential new owners to learn more about the merger plan.

Send a Letter of Intent

When everyone understands the plan, a letter of intent gets the legal ball rolling while due diligence is performed. Due diligence involves research that assures the acquiring firm pays a fair price and does, in fact, have all the information required to make a wise decision about whether or not to finalize the merger. When that is done, the final merger completion paperwork is signed and approved by the proper authorities.

This process can be quite involved and complications often arise along the way. Our Palm Springs mergers and acquisitions firm will help you navigate the path to a successful merger and help remove any roadblocks you encounter along the way.


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