The Interactions between Economics and Privacy: Pre-Litigation Mediation’s Impact

For many companies, privacy and economic development are closely linked to each other. Yet, these two factors are rarely spoken about in the same context. Even if privacy concerns don’t immediately lead to monetary issues, they can have an impact on the business, its customers and the overall corporate development.

Pre-litigation mediation is one example of the very close link between the two concepts. If either cost or confidentiality in the corporate settings becomes less effective, the mediation process can suffer.

According to a recent article about pre-mediation litigation, the idea of mediation as a privacy policy may appear to be strange but it actually makes a lot of sense. Because of the privacy that stems from pre-litigation mediation, companies can experience economic benefits as a result of the process.

Over time, courts have become the adversary of preserving corporate relationships, due to extensive procedures, bureaucracy, open public reviews and high costs. Pre-mediation litigation is an opportunity to achieve settlement out of court, avoiding all of the negative connotations linked to a trial.

According to the American Arbitration Association (AAA), mediation refers to a process in which a neutral third party helps disputants carry out effective communication and guide them through the process of finding a mutually-beneficial solution.

Pre-litigation mediation is one of the three main mediation types. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity and it has managed to become the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Get an Experienced Coachella Valley Litigation Attorney

Finding the right commercial litigation partner to help with the pre-litigation mediation process is of major importance. An experienced Coachella valley litigation attorney that also offers mediation services will be imperative for businesses that want to reach a resolution quickly, within the context of privacy and without having to spend a large amount on court proceedings.

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