The Importance of an Experienced Construction Lawyer

When developing, redeveloping or upgrading residential or commercial property, it is helpful to have access to someone with knowledge of construction laws. There are aspects of the construction process that could spawn legal questions and experienced legal know how will help resolve issues quickly. Solid legal help could save a construction project from being burdened with problems resulting in greater debt for the project or being abandoned altogether.

Construction law is a specialized area of the law and involves a variety of contracts, as well as contractors and sub-contractors hired to complete the project.

Let’s discuss some of the issues a construction law firm may address.

Construction Delays: A construction project that veers off course will become costly for the developer of the project, as well as the contractor. Even if the project is left incomplete, money is still owed to the contractor, sub-contractor and material suppliers.

Cost Overruns and Change Orders: Cost overruns will occur if each phase of the project was not vetted properly and costs were not properly estimated, either by fault or design. Change orders will add to the cost of a project if items were not accounted for or changes are necessary to stay in compliance with construction rules and regulations.
Contracts: The contracts involved must represent all parties involved fairly and within the spirit of the law.

Defective Work: Such deficiencies will occur if the project monetary status begins to lose steam and the contractor decides to cut corners. This results in defective work that will result in safety issues, water, mold and mildew damage and insurance coverage disputes.

It is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable real estate and land use lawyer in Palm Springs on board to deal will all legal matters pertaining to construction.

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