The Biggest Challenge in Estate Planning and How to Overcome It

Estate planning is a complex process that involves the passing of inheritance from one generation to another. It can also be a primary source of contention among family members, however, many of the disagreements can be eradicated with proper estate planning and execution. Even with the best of intentions prior to passing, many family members find themselves involved in lengthy probate proceedings due to disgruntled siblings and/or spouses of the deceased. 

The Biggest Challenge in Estate Planning

One of the biggest challenges in estate planning is the lack of communication among living family members. Many parents don’t feel comfortable talking about their own demise, and what will happen to their home and other property once they are gone.

Discussing wills and estate planning can be difficult, especially when day-to-day communications is not optimal. Most people who inherit money or property after their parents’ passing have no idea how to manage the situation. They may not even know how the estate will be divided until after their loved one passes on.

What Helps in Disputes About Estates?

Mediation plays an important role during this stressful situation. Our Coachella Valley estate planning law firm understands the importance of providing grieving families with an unbiased mediator who can help them resolve conflict in a caring, respectful manner. Mediation gives everyone a chance to speak their mind.

 Mediation also encourages all parties to give their opinion as to what they feel is best for each member of the family without overt defiance. Once this occurs, families are better equipped to reach a decision that is fair for everyone involved. This helps to resolve pent-up resentment and heal old wounds. Effective communication is key to resolving any problem. Our Coachella Valley estate planning law firm has everyone’s best interest at heart.

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