STD Contraction Claims and Types of STDs in Cases

If someone knowingly infects you with an STD, then you need to be aware that such an action is against the law. A Palm Springs personal injury attorney can help you weigh out your legal and personal injury options if an individual has negligently failed to disclose their STD to you. You may be entitled to legal representation in order to hold the person accountable for their actions.

SBEMP has fully experienced attorneys that are able to bring these types of claims against individuals who knowingly transmit their STD to you. At the SBEMP, we can bring claims for many types of STD’s, including the following:


This type of STD is viral, and there are two forms of it. The more common type is usually described as a “cold sore” and will go away with time. Genital herpes is usually characterized as a sore on the genitalia. Although this STD is not completely curable, it can be treated with anti-viral medications.


HIV is a virus that can lead to AIDS and can be transmitted through bodily fluids. Although intercourse is one of the more common ways of transmitting the virus, it can also be transmitted through blood and even breast milk. Although not completely treatable, the recipient has a much better chance at avoiding AIDS if it is caught early.


Human papilloma virus (HPV) is considered one of the most common types of STDs and increases the recipient’s risk of getting cervical cancer. Although not all cases lead to cancer, some people have a lot of painful symptoms.


This is one of the rare STDs that can be cured with treatment. Women will usually get this in their cervix and men might get it in their urethra. This can lead to pain during intercourse.


This bacterial STD is very similar to Chlamydia and there are usually 700,000 cases every year.


Syphilis is usually characterized by sores, and sometimes even condoms cannot prevent spreading the disease to someone else.

Proving Liability in an STD Personal Injury Claim

There are a number of hurdles to proving liability in a personal injury claim, so that is why it is best to leave the matter up to an experienced attorney in these matters. The first hurdle would be to pinpoint exactly who it was to infect you. Some people do not know that they have an STD for a considerable amount of time, and sometimes memories can become faded. The other hurdle would be to prove that the person knew they had an STD and knowingly transmitted it.

SBEMP is dedicated to helping you determine if you case and if it is provable in court. They are also dedicated to keeping your case with the utmost of confidentiality as well.

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