Special Needs Trust – Things to Remember When Planning a Trust

When preparing special needs trusts, we suggest contacting a Coachella Valley disability attorney because they are knowledgeable concerning details. If a family member is disabled with special needs, a special needs trust will ensure the individual has everything they need for their future.

A Coachella Valley disability lawyer specializes in handling the resources for your relative. Here are four things to consider when hiring a lawyer and planning the trust for your loved one:

1. Special needs trusts are complicated and confusing, so it is imperative to have an experienced disability attorney. They will be current on the changing laws, so you don’t have to be. A Coachella Valley special needs lawyer is experienced in extenuating circumstances for the disabled person.

2. The second most important person besides the disability attorney is a reliable trustee to manage the funds for the disabled person. Management may include successive trustees in order to give continual care.

3. A good Coachella Valley special needs lawyer is knowledgeable in the details of the trust, such as securing government records and filing to certain institutions. A caregiver can provide by setting aside certain funds for their relative, but there are other types of benefits that the Coachella Valley disability attorney can utilize.

4. An experienced disability attorney gathers all the information the caregiver supplies, including the medical diagnosis, funding sources, their Social Security and Medicaid numbers, and more. They will obtain a tax identification number for the IRS to secure the funds.

Contact Our Experienced Coachella Valley Disability Lawyer for Help with Your Trust

A skilled Coachella Valley disability lawyer will effectively create the best trust fund for your special needs relative. A well-drafted trust legally binds the documents, so the caregiver’s wishes are respected. Contact us at 760-322-2275 to set up a consultation.

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