Settling Wills Through Mediation

Often, parties fight over a will. This dispute escalates because the parties are not able to come to a meeting of the minds over the will’s contents. Certainly, the parties would prefer to handle the will without going to court. Consequently, a mediator is called in to handle the dispute in a timely manner without the hassle of incurring more court cost.

Mediation Purpose

Certainly, mediation is a way to reduce time and save court costs. A mediator is the individual that steps in to handle the dispute in a timely manner. It is also a very civil way to end a dispute without ruining relationships. Hopefully, the mediator will be able to resolve the dispute and make both parties satisfied with the results. Ultimately, the purpose of every mediation is to reach an agreement quickly, agree with the settlement, and sign documents that end the dispute.

Important Mediation Requirements

Mediation requires that the lawyers file certain documents in court. This requires a summons and an affidavit. Next, the court will step in and order the parties to attend the mediation process.

Mediation Advantages

Certainly, there are numerous advantages associated with the mediation rather than going through the courts to settle a dispute over a will.

Top advantages include:

  • Faster settlement to will disputes
  • No court cost
  • Flexible legalities
  • Confidentiality surrounding the mediation proceedings
  • Less tension
  • Informal setting
  • Higher settlement success rate

In some circumstances, the mediation might fail to reach a settlement. However, both parties have a chance to air their differences. Consequently, the court process should not last long. Certainly, mediations are very advantageous in the long run. Both parties know the upfront cost to mediate the will. No hidden fees or court costs involved. Mediation is an efficient method to place a claim through lawyers and receive the best settlement possible. If you would like to know more about the mediation process, contact Coachella Valley mediation attorneys.

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