Planning Ahead with Estate Trusts Benefits You and Your Special Needs Child

Raising a child with special needs is rewarding and challenging. Figuring out what to do after you are gone is not a challenge your child needs to handle alone. Plan ahead with a Palm Springs special needs lawyer and relieve your child of that future burden.

How to Protect Your Children with the Right Trust

Because the government programs and benefits your child might be eligible for after your death are complicated for the average lay person, having an attorney by your side through the planning process is a smart move. The last thing you want to happen is for your child to be disqualified from receiving government assistance because a discretionary special needs trust was not put into place to protect them.

A Palm Springs disability attorney is well versed in the areas of Social Security and Medicare. They can help you to clearly state that the funds you want your child to receive will not inhibit their eligibility for any government benefits or aid programs. The trustee will be sure to disperse only the necessary funds for your child to live on and will not make any adverse dispersants that might impact your child’s future eligibility.

Setting up a professional assessment of your child’s physical, social, and mental well-being along with education and services needs will be helpful to your Palm Springs special needs lawyer and financial advisor. In tandem, they will be able to suggest a case manager or an agency that can help your child with the services they might need in the future.

Planning for death is not a pleasant task but one that must be handled when you are the parent of a special needs child. Seeking legal guidance well ahead of time lessens your load as both you and your child get older and benefits all parties involved.

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