My Ex-Partner Gave Me An STD, Do I Have Grounds For A Lawsuit?

If your doctor looks at you and says: “You have an STD,” and you were told your partner did not have any diseases, it might be time to contact a Palm Springs personal injury attorney. Getting a sexually transmitted infection, also called an STI, can affect people in so many ways.

Some of these STI’s can stay with a person for life. There are some of these that can never be cured. For example, Herpes is one that can go into remission, but it is never cured. This disease can cause changes to genitalia and flare-ups. Herpes is caused by Herpes Simplex, a virus that is very common.

The question remains, can you sue?

The answer is yes. You can sue if they gave you an STD after telling you they were free from disease. There are several grounds for the lawsuit like fraud and negligence. There is also a degree of emotional distress, which could have been intentional by the person who infected you, medical treatment costs, and more. Let’s face it, finding out you have an STD is not an easy to hear.

When you find out that you now have an STD, it can be a big shock. When you are learning that you have an STD from an ex-partner or long-term partner, it is important to understand your legal rights.

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