Leaving Your Legacy to Loved Ones with a Will

We work our entire lives to be prosperous and leave a legacy for our loved ones and charities we care about. Tomorrow is promised to no one and there should be legal documentation in place to ensure everything that has been worked for will be utilized how you see fit.

Wills, estate plans, and other legal devices offered by our Palm Springs estate planning attorneys can ensure your resources are distributed how you see fit when you are no longer here.

How a Last Will and Testament Works

A Last Will and Testament not only distributes resources how you desire, but also oversees who receive custody of minor children. Default state laws would apply otherwise and may produce unfavorable results.

There are avenues and web services to attempt to handle this important documentation on your own, however these routes are many times not properly vetted and verified to be accurate.

Going through Probate Court

Probate court can be a long, complicated, and troubling experience for loved ones and this is in addition to dealing with you no longer being here. A qualified legal professional can avoid this with proper preparation.

Key Elements for Estate Legal Issues 

There are many key elements to keep in mind, for example; property and possessions that are jointly owned will not be subject to probate in most situations. This vital information is also part of legal council that can be given by an experienced attorney. A Last Will and Testament determines an Executor of the estate without the court appointing one and bypasses time and unintended benefactors.

Factors to Consider to Implement Beyond the Will

There are many factors to consider and plans to implement to properly be prepared beyond the Will such as setup of bank accounts, property ownership on deeds, life insurance, and more. Even in times of being incapacitated, injured, or unable to make sound decisions while living, a Power of Attorney should already be in place to handle affairs how you would like.

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