Law Firms Can Assist In Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is best described as a lawful resolution of business conflict issues, and in many instances, is known as business or corporate law.

Common Areas of Litigation

Commercial law governs employment practices, contracts, tangible product manufacturing, and sales. Lawsuits implicate employee disagreements, stakeholder concerns, ownership issues and debt management. Federal and state jurisdiction differs in conflict with each other in commercial litigation matters.

Legal Options of Commercial Litigation

Courtroom resolution is necessary if dispute issues cannot be settled amicably. Not a criminal charge, a jury trial hears commercial lawsuits, though both parties can request a judge to preside over the case.

Unlike law shows on television, commercial litigation lawsuits can proceed for months, and in certain instances, for years. Such cases can backlog the courts, which is why parties are urged to settle their dispute before coming before a judge or jury.

Trial Transfer – Reasons Why this Happens in Litigation

A trial can be transferred to a federal court, which is seen as a neutral ground, removing any advantage, from an organization, that may be headquartered locally or within the state. For a federal jurisdiction in a litigation case, a government statute must come into play or there is a monetary value greater than $75,000 involved in the dispute.

Legal Fees of Litigation

The presiding judge can issue an order demanding that the losing party assumes all court costs and legal fees associated with the trial, should the lawsuit be deemed frivolous. Individuals considering filing a lawsuit are urged to seek legal consultation from our Palm Springs commercial litigation law firm.

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