How to Protect and Manage Intellectual Property in Business Transactions

For ages, people have often felt short-changed while trying to value intellectual property in business transactions. To a large extent, there has also been a need to manage assets. However, determining the intrinsic value, in most instances, has posed to be a great challenge. This is mainly due to the sentimental value attached to an item. However, several approaches can ascertain the value of an article.

Come Up With A Strategy

When trying to determine the value of an intangible asset or intellectual property, we recommend to follow the following 4 strategies:

  1. Develop a time frame needed to break even
  2. Identify with the functional life value of item as opposed to consumer behavior
  3. Competitively determine the strategic value of an asset
  4. Find the consistency in stewardship, value, materiality, and business continuity

Contact Our San Diego Corporate Lawyers

By using the above approaches, you not only give your asset value, but also will likely receive better compensation. You can always contact our San Diego corporate lawyers to guide you as you try to protect and manage all your intellectual property during business transactions. Besides, the San Diego corporate lawyers will go above and beyond to negotiate on your behalf, providing you with the opportunity to come up with a tangible value for the product.

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