How to Avoid Product Liability Claims with Warning Labels

Clients often come into SBEMP to learn about product liability and how they can protect themselves from potential claims. A claim may arise when there is a defective or unreasonable danger that is associated with the product. There are strict rules in place to help reduce the risk a person faces and to avoid potential dangers.

Disclosure in Products to Avoid Personal Injury

As a manufacturer, you’ll want to have a disclosure in place. In a recent article on All Law, it’s suggested that it may be a simple warning label on the product that warns an individual about the dangers that are associated with the product.

These are known dangers that the manufacturer has and could reasonable expect. For example, a bottle of bleach would include a warning about swallowing the product, as someone may inadvertently drink some.

How Warning Labels Affect Personal Injury Cases

These warnings are important to pay close attention to. As a Coachella Valley personal injury law professional will say, not heeding these warnings makes the person liable, because they didn’t follow the disclaimer.

That doesn’t mean a manufacturer is absolved of all their liability if a product is used within reason and something dangerous happens. In these cases, a Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer can help manufacturers or consumers to determine their situation in the case.

It is important to note that it doesn’t have to be about the money, but what is right. When you bring to light a concern that a product has, you can help protect someone else from further injury and that makes this process one that can help to keep people safer.

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