How to Avoid a Conservatorship and Probate Court

Death can come unexpectedly. You will want to have information to help with the issues that come up when a loved one passes away. A Revocable Trust can assist you by helping to avoid a Conservatorship.

Conservatorship, And Its Definition

It is a proceeding in the court, used when someone is unable to decide for themselves. It is highly likely that someone can be appointed to handle the estate and other matters for the afflicted person.

Have You Heard Of Probate Court?

The estate is settled in Probate Court when someone dies and they didn’t have a will. In these types of cases, the court will appoint someone to handle the necessary items for the deceased person.

Having A Living Trust Will Help To Avoid Conservatorship And Probate Court

Avoiding both of the above problems by having a Living Trust is important. This means that you are responsible for handling the issues that will come up. It encompasses a checking account, property, art collections and more.

By having the Living Trust, you won’t have to deal with either the Probate or Conservatorship problems that can arise because of other people wanting to get involved in the matters that are personal to the person who has been afflicted. A good Palm Springs estate planning lawyer can help you to make your Living Trust in a clear and concise way so that you can make sure that your properties go to whom you want them to go to.

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