How Our Coachella Valley Estate Planning Attorneys Help Make Estate Planning Easier

California has complicated laws concerning probate. An estate settlement can be difficult without legal help, especially if heirs are contesting a Will. It is recommended to retain a probate attorney from your local Coachella Valley estate planning law firm.

How Our Coachella Valley Estate Planning Attorneys Help

Your local Coachella Valley estate planning attorney can create an estate plan to make the settlement process easier. Assets will be kept out of probate court and transferred to heirs.

Hiring a probate lawyer can help when the deceased did not leave a Will. This type of case is complicated and must be settled within California’s laws. If a Will is not made before death, your assets will be given to the surviving spouse and relatives that are eligible under California law. Working with an estate-planning attorney can avoid probate.

Here’s a few things attorneys will work to do for your trust and estate:

  • Create joint titles for vehicles or real estate
  • Establish payable upon death heirs for bank accounts, as well as life insurance, and investments
  • File documents
  • Make property transfers to the heirs
  • File a final tax return
  • Negotiates payoffs to creditors

What Happens If Someone Contests the Will?

Heirs to the deceased can contest a Will. If a person is contesting it, assets are placed into probate until the case is resolved. A probate attorney assists in disputes over the Will. If the value of the property in the Will is under $100,000 the state of California considers those estates exempt from probate. The executors of the estate must settle the estate before any property can be divided.

Why Using Coachella Valley Estate Administration Attorneys Makes Estate Planning Easier

Do not put off making a Will. Estate planning is less complicated than it seems and can be completed within a few hours. If a Will is not left upon death, your family could be fighting for your property for months to years. Keep your inheritance safe by creating a Will with a probate attorney so your assets stay out of court.

Call us, your local Coachella Valley estate administration attorney, today to help you with your estate needs.

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