How Long Does Probate Last and How Much Does It Cost?

Probate can be expressed as a court proceeding in which your estate is dispersed after your death. When an estate goes in to probate, all of the decedent’s assets and financial debt will be distributed according to the person’s last will and testament. Probate will also allow the heirs to settle any disputes they may have with the final wishes set forth in the will or any disputes concerning the final estate.

Have an Experienced Probate Attorney Ease the Stressful Burden of Probate

The proceedings of the probate court are lengthy and complex, as well as being quite costly. These are some of the reasons heirs may wish to avoid probate court. However, if the heirs enter in to probate with an experienced Palm Springs probate attorney who is knowledgeable in the area of probate law this will ease the stressful burden of probate.

How Long Does Probate Take?

Once an estate has been entered in to probate, it can take anywhere from nine months to two years for the estate to be settled and divided amongst the heirs. Larger or disputed estates can take significantly longer to be settled. Again, this is where an experienced Palm Spring probate attorney can assist the decedent with estate planning to avoid a costly probate and undue stress on the heirs.

How Much Can Probate Cost?

Depending on the state laws and requirements, the administrative fees for entering an estate in to probate can eat up between six and 10 percent of the estate. The percentage is determined before any deductions or liens against the estate are taken out. 

Unless the courts seal the estate, anyone can look into your probate case. All of this information is public record and will disclose how much the heirs received and to whom they owed money.

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