How a Personal Injury Case is Handled

When pursuing an injury case, you should immediately seek a local, Palm Springs personal injury attorney. It’s important that you look for an attorney specialized in personal injuries.

Find Out About Your Case

Just about every Palm Springs personal injury legal counsel offers free consultations. You will then explain the case and show all relevant documentation, including accident/incident reports and medical information. The attorney should then be able to give a professional opinion on your case’s validity.

This is where you start a client-attorney relationship; ask about experience with similar cases, previous rulings, communications, etc. Know that it’s common to have an incomplete gauge of your attorney’s timeline for the case. Sometimes they just need time for legal research. Be cautious of any attorney who promises a specific result this far into the process.

Personal Injury Attorney Fees – Payment Before or After the Case?

After hiring the attorney, you should receive a contract that covers fees, among other matters. Personal injury attorneys never ask for payment until the case’s end, which is a percentile of your awarded damages, usually somewhere between 25-45%. Make sure to exercise your right to ask any questions you may have.

What Happens Next?

After hiring an attorney, he/she should tackle collecting all relevant data and talk with insurers, the injuring party, and everyone else involved. They should keep you updated on anything necessary so that you can focus on recovering. Insurance companies aren’t allowed to address you directly when they are aware of your legal representation.

The only step left is to likely settle your case and negotiate a suitable payment.

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