Frequent Questions to a Coachella Valley Disability Attorney

What Are The Requirements To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), you must prove that you have a physical or mental health problem that keeps you from working for 12 consecutive months. This proof must come in the form of medical evidence that shows the physical or mental health problem is so severe that you cannot work for at least a year.

This evidence is weighed against how old you are, your level of education, and your work history. For example, a person at the age of 50 with only a high school education and a history of factory work may have a high likelihood to receive their benefits.

Comparatively, a 25 year old with a graduate degree and a history of office work may find it harder attaining Social Security Disability benefits. Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to their Social Security Disability benefits if they need them.

With the help of a Coachella Valley disability attorney, you will be able to effectively show the SSA that you require Disability benefits.

When Is the Best Time to Apply for Social Security Benefits?

A Coachella Valley disability attorney will recommend applying for Social Security Disability benefits after you have been out of work for about three months. If you know you will be unable to work for a full year or if your medical condition will be terminal, you can apply immediately.

It is recommended to apply within this window of time since there is usually a five month waiting period for benefits. Also, if you are given Social Security Disability benefits, you will be rewarded past due benefits for up to a year when you applied.

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