Estate Planning: Two Crucial Factors for an Efficient Estate Plan

Exactly what is Estate Planning?

When shopping for Estate Planning advisory services, many consumers become overwhelmed by the myriad of options available on the market. Glitzy and persuasive advertising campaigns put out by lawyers, banks, insurance firms and financial advisors add to the confusion.

Clear and open disclosure by an Estate Planning professional is vital when working with new clients who might not understand whether advice being offered is financial or legal. Our Palm Springs trust and estate lawyers do our best to answer our clients’ questions frankly and honestly so that clients can make these important life decisions as quickly and as stress free as possible.

Identify Specific Goals to Design Your Estate Plan

How do we do it? Our Palm Springs trust and estate lawyers believe that the best estate plan is the one always providing protection for you and your family for the rest of your life. We help you to identify specific goals that you should be keeping in mind as we help you design your estate plan, and we are there in the moment that the plan needs to be put into action. 

You can rest assured knowing that your Palm Springs Estate Planning representative will be at the helm, organizing the distribution of your property exactly as you specified, to whom you specified, and when you specified. We will also be watching out for how to minimize extra expenses, tax payments, and awkward family conflicts that arise during those sensitive, difficult times.

Two crucial factors must occur in order for an efficient estate plan to be drawn up:

1. You must take your role as the client seriously so that you can understand how to use the specific skill-set and knowledge base of each member of your professional team. Depending on your needs, this team might include all or some of the following: accountants, lawyers, insurance representatives, and financial planners. You should be thinking about your questions and concerns ahead of time so that you can come to meetings prepared.

2. Each member of your professional team must take on the responsibility of working closely together and communicating with one another in order to come up with an integrated estate plan that functions well in each of the individual areas of concern.

Contact Our Palm Springs Trust and Estate Lawyers

There is no question that the most important aspect of constructing a successful estate plan is to select a team of financial professionals who are always keeping their clients’ long-term goals in mind. Our Palm Springs trust and estate lawyers devise the best estate plan possible to protect you and your family. Contact us at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation.

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