Coachella Valley Litigation Attorney Answers: Can Victims Post on Social Media About the Defendant During a Trial?

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Question: Can the victim post on social media about the defendant while a trial is in action? Victim is posting photos and information while the trial is still going on and some third party posters are making threats.

Answer: In most cases jurors, involved parties, and any other people that are associated with a trial are told by the judge that they are not allowed to discuss the case once they leave the court. They are also told not to research the case, read about it online, or make any comments about it. If the judge clearly told the court these stipulations then the posts need to be brought to the attention of the court by a Coachella Valley litigation attorney or someone else in the courtroom. If the stipulations were never made the situation should still be brought to the attention of the judge so that instructions can be issued for such posts to cease and desist. Social media postings can influence the outcome of the trial and therefore could be grounds for an appeal on the basis of an unfair trial.

Question: What are the deadlines for submitting an exhibit list?

Answer: It depends on whether a defendant is facing a bench trial or a jury trial. In the case of a jury trial almost all Los Angeles judges will expect to have the joint exhibit list before or at the Final Status Conference. Before the trail date all exhibits should be kept together in three ring binders and organized for all members of the court. You will need to have four separate sets of exhibits because you will need to submit them to the witness, judge, opposing counsel, and keep one for yourself. If you have a Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer they will take care of this.

Before writing out the exhibit list if you do not have help from Coachella Valley personal injury law firm make sure that you check out the ‘local’ rules. Every department often has their own set of rules. Before the final status conference takes place it is best if you have met already with the opposing side to create a joint exhibit list.

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