Coachella Valley Governmental Law Stops Illegal Local Area Dispensaries

Recent California Marijuana Legislation

In a recent article, a historic piece of legislation has been passed in California with the legalization of marijuana. Medicinal and recreational smokers can legally purchase cannabis from their local dispensary, wherever marijuana is sold. Residents must be eighteen years of age or older and have a medical marijuana card. Local dispensaries must be licensed to sale marijuana in the state of California.

Coachella Wins Fight Against Unlicensed Dispensaries

There were months of litigation involving the city of Coachella against the fight against unlicensed dispensaries. The legal issue involved two unlicensed dispensaries posing as religious institutions.

They were being advertised on Facebook, although it’s unclear when they opened, the city code enforcement immediately began to track them down. On December 6, the Coachella judge presiding over the case against the defendants, MTC, found in favor of the city and an immediate cease and desist order was immediately issued and put in force. 

MTC was issued a restraining order against distributing pot to patrons of their establishment, but sources have said; their Harrison Street location remained open until the end of the month. They’re also trying to secure a license for a new cannabis retail zone on Grapefruit Blvd. 

Coachella Valley government law is there to protect the safety of the general public against illegal marijuana distribution and unlicensed dispensaries. Riverside County continues to lead a strong legal push forward in an effort to close down illegal pot dispensaries. Contact a Coachella legal professional for more details on government law on dispensaries for a free no-obligation consultation today.

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