Coachella Valley Government Law Firm Shares Definitions of Municipal Law

The Definition of Municipal Law Is As Follows:

Municipal Law (Otherwise known legally as “municipality”) is a law that pertains only to a specific city or county and may not be law outside of the specified area. Police power, property taxes, education policies, and zoning laws are just several examples of the wide range of issues government bodies within a city or county has control over.

Important Terms to Know:

Bylaws: The rules on how municipality is conducted. These rules govern meetings, budgeting, record taking, and votes.
Land Use: Or in other words, zoning, is how the law allows land to be used.
Municipal Charter: The founding document in which municipality is called.
Municipal Corporation: A structure in which allows the buying and selling of a property, and the ability to sue someone or be sued by someone.
Police Power: How the behavior of municipality’s residents is controlled through their ability to use police.
Ordinance: A fancier word that simply means “law” in municipality.

Most municipal law attorneys are hired directly by the municipalities themselves, with those that work as corporate council for a particular city working exclusively just for them. Coachella Valley government law firm can help you find the right attorney for you.

Since local cities or town councils are the primary creators of the municipal laws in their area, the local residents have substantial say in the laws that get created since those council members are elected by those very residents. These laws can vary great from county to county and may not be the same within different municipalities.

For anyone that believes they may have a municipal law issue, it’s important to contact an attorney that’s familiar with the municipal laws in your area from the Coachella Valley government legal counsel for a consultation for further information.

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