An Estate Attorney Can Relieve The Burden When A Loved One Has Passed

The passing of a family member is never an easy thing to deal with. Along with the grieving and anguish for the deceased loved one comes the responsibility of settling the person’s financial obligations and other related matters.

Often, the deceased individual will state in his or her last will and testament that a specific individual be named the executor of affairs. Usually, these individuals are not knowledgeable in the procedures of probating a will and find themselves in over their head, which is compounded by the passing of the loved one.

 In such situations, it’s best to contact a Coachella Valley estate planning attorney who is knowledgeable in all aspects of handling estates.

Estate Attorneys Assist Executors

The volume of paperwork necessary to execute an estate can be staggering. A knowledgeable Coachella Valley estate planning attorney will assemble the appropriate information and process the paperwork to comply with all necessary deadlines.

 The estate attorney can:

1. Uncover probate and non-probate resources

2. Determine investment values and obtain appraisals of the deceased’s properties

3. Claim and process any life insurance policies

4. Assess outstanding financial obligations and pay creditors

5. Establish and assess federal tax obligations

6. Coordinate the sale of assets and properties

7. Find amicable resolution to beneficiary issues

8. Gain access all financial and investment holdings

9. Record all associated expenses

10. Coordinate with the court mandate requiring public notices of the death

11. Complete and file with the court all necessary documents required by the probate court.

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