A Must-Read Guide to Understanding Contract Disputes

In business, contracts are the peacekeeper keeping relationships strong. Both parties understand the details and obey them until the contract expires, and if there are contract disputes, the solutions range from a conversation to a lawsuit.

In law, our Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm draws up the contract for you to enforce, and we help defend the contract in court.

No contract is too difficult or outrageous. We have the expertise to work around simple and complex contract disputes.

• Review and explain contracts to all parties
• Remedy breach of contracts
• Determine possible recovery from breach of contract
• Enforce action based on the contract
• Offer legal advice about the contract

When to Contact a Lawyer About a Contract

Contact us during any stage, but the best time to reach us is at the beginning stage when a contract is an idea. We turn ideas into hardcopy reality. Even if you create a contract yourself, it’s wise to let us view the terms in case some things aren’t clear prior to asking for signatures.

If the contract is in effect when the dispute occurred, we handle those cases as well. Agreeing to a lawyer means not speaking to the opposing party without us. Clients should bring the contract.

What Supports a Contract in Dispute?

We encourage documents such as emails, text messages, voicemail, and conference logs that support the contract. We strive to reach a settlement without courts; misunderstandings happen. However, we are prepared to go if it comes to that.

Contracts are great when both parties follow the rules. That same contract becomes a roadblock when one or both parties disobey the terms. Luckily, companies have a lawyer guiding them from beginning to end.

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