A Good Attorney Will Take the Guess Work Out of Forming a Corporation

Due to the technical aspects of setting up a corporation, many people turn to an attorney to help them navigate through the process. The first step in setting up a corporation is setting up the name. There are some restrictions as to what can be included in a name that an attorney can help you with. 

Choose a Name to Register

The name will need to be registered with the state’s Corporation Office. This can involve paperwork so it is best to have an attorney assist. This process helps avoid future delays if the name is rejected. 

Appoint a Board of Directors

After the name of the corporation has been registered, you will want to appoint a board of directors. The Board of Directors are appointed by the owner and are responsible for the financials and policies of the corporation.

File and Incorporate the Business

The third step is to file the articles of incorporation with the filing office and appoint an agent. The agent is the person that members of the public can contact. 

Create By-Laws

You will also need to create by-laws, which are internal laws that the corporation will need to adhere to. This is a legal document so it is important that you involve an attorney familiar with corporate law to help you draft it. 

Secure Licenses

The final step is to secure your licenses. There are a few different types with the most important being your tax registration certificate. Experienced attorneys can identity the necessary licenses and have them processed on your behalf.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney to help guide you through the process of starting a corporation, you can reach out our Coachella Valley corporate law firm. With law offices located in California, we take all of the guesswork out of the process with years of experience in business law.

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