6 Tips for Finding the Right Legal Counsel

When choosing legal counsel, it is important to first understand your needs. The professional should meet your qualifications.

  1. Using Mediators
  2. Mediators can help in structured payments, retractions, apologies, recommendation letters, barters and confidentiality agreements. They are less expensive than litigation.

  3. Finding Potential Candidates
  4. The best ways to locate a lawyer are by asking family, friends or colleagues, consulting the state bar association or using an online reference site.

  5. Screening Your Attorney
  6. Contacting an attorney to receive their basic information is a good idea. You can also screen them on the phone and ask if they will provide references. Once you have a smaller list meet with your top three legal candidates. Make certain the initial consultation is at no charge. Receive a proposal from all three candidates. Verify their credentials and call their references to ask questions. Choose an attorney you have chemistry with and do not judge them on how they dress or their office space.

  7. Defining The Attorney/Client Relationship
  8. You should have a contract defining your relationship with your attorney. All fees, personnel, schedules, termination processes and locations should be in the contract. Verify your attorney abides by the rules set forth by the American Bar Association. Discuss the services provided, where the service will be provided, the exact fees and billing process and how often you will speak. Do not make any assumptions and be certain your questions have been answered.

  9. Counsel As Advocate and Advisor
  10. Give your counsel full information. They are your advocate and advisor. To properly represent you they need all the information that is pertinent. You cannot hold back any information from your counsel.

  11. Open Communication
  12. Any good relationship relies on open communication. Bring any concerns or questions to the attention of your counsel. You are the client and your counsel has every intention of meeting your needs. The best way to begin is by having a consultation with our Coachella Valley corporate law firm.

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