3 Benefits of Choosing Mediation Over Litigation

Mediation has become more prevalent in recent times due to a variety of factors. The process of litigating divorce cases is very expensive. Mediation alleviates that factor by shifting the workload from the courts and lawyers involved to

 the ones actually filing for divorce. You and your spouse will be the ones filing the paperwork, not attorneys.

Mediation Works with Your Schedule

It is far easier to schedule a mediation meeting than it is to schedule a court date that involved yourself, your spouse, both sets of lawyers, etc. When you are involved with mediation, there is just you, your spouse and the mediator to plan a schedule around. 

This allows things to be wrapped up more quickly in many cases, as you do not have to wait for dates that the court and judge are available. The mediator has a much more open schedule than does a court.

Mediation Can Be Creative for Solutions

Mediation also allows the couple to come up with creative solutions to the problems they are facing. The courts tend to work in a more rigid and structured way that may not work for everybody involved. With mediation, the results tend to be more fair and satisfying. 

Experienced Mediators Get the Job Done

Mediators are experienced with handling couples who, at the moment, are not very fond of each other. They can guide the conversations, arguing, and finger-pointing that is inevitable in divorce cases and make sure they become as constructive as possible under the circumstances. 

While mediation may not be appropriate for every proceeding, it does work in a majority of instances. Palm Springs mediation attorneys can help you through these difficult times.

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