2 Steps to Use Pre-Litigation Mediation to Close Your Case

You may use pre-litigation mediation in your case when you reach out to the other side in a case, and you will avoid going to court when you have mediated beforehand. This article explains how you may use pre-litigation mediation to close your case before you get to court. You may not resolve the case completely, but you may have a basis for coming to a conclusion when you go to court.

#1: Meeting With The Other Side

You may ask your Palm Springs litigation attorney to settle your case with the other side before you go to court, and the entirety of the proceedings is confidential. You will talk over the facts of the case, and you may come to some agreements that are good for both sides. This is a time to give and take as the two of you decide what will work for you. You may reach an understanding before you go to court, or you may tell the judge you are close to an agreement.

#2: Court-Ordered Mediation

There are quite a few times when you are sent to mediation by the court before you may proceed with your case. The judge may not be willing to hear your case at all if you have not met with the other side before you see the courtroom, and you will be asked to go back many times before you are allowed to present anything to the court. It is quite simple to ensure that your case is moving in the right direction, and the judge may help you solve your problems before you end up in open court.

The mediation you are ordered to take will change your perspective on the case, and you may reach an agreement before standing in court. Consider pre-litigation mediation to ensure you are not spending too much time on your case.

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