2 Important Facts to Know About Personal Injury Cases

For residents in Palm Springs, there are a number of important facts you should know before seeking out a Palm Springs personal injury law firm. In most cases, an attorney’s role in injury cases is to provide guidance and advice in order to broker a reasonable settlement. They can assess liability and have experience determining the value of damages and they will use this knowledge to help you decide how to progress the case.

Personal Injury Cases – Settle or Go to Court?

In most injury cases the beneficial outcome is a settlement out of court. After all, court proceedings are time consuming and a typical case in California can stretch from a few months to several years before resolution.

 A quick settlement can potentially save both sides a great deal of money in legal fees, allowing both parties to return to their lives with a minimum of stress and lost time. Only a small fraction of personal injury cases get to court. The higher the damages are; however, the more likely it is that an out of court settlement will not be reached and a court appearance will become necessary. 

Save All Medical Files for Evidence

If you are engaged in or considering a personal injury case, remember to save all associated medical files as they often act as the primary evidence in court. Settlements can be reached at anytime until the judge renders a verdict. It is important to save medical records and other information that can be used as evidence to support claims.

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