What is Electronic Discovery and How Does It Relate to Your Case?

A decade ago, electronic discovery in litigation wasn’t a consideration, but with the advanced equipment that is available now, critical electronic discovery evidence needs to be examined and tested before it can be used in litigation.

What is Electronic Discovery and Its Relationship to Litigation?

Electronic discovery uses electronic documents, such as word processing documents, email, spreadsheets, databases and virtually anything that can be stored in computers. Using electronic discovery is very controversial among the law profession because specific procedures must be followed.

Electronic evidence must be able to be tracked so electronic venues cannot change. Taking these precautions guarantees that the metadata, or the underlying computer information in a document, is provided to the opposing side, whereas copying the electronic information onto CD disks does not prove secure.

The rules of civil procedure mandate that the other side cannot unload electronic documents without metadata. With this crucial evidence, we strive to provide it for your case, when necessary.

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