Myron “Mike” Meyers

Mike Meyers was at the forefront of California Real Property Law for the last 55 years. Before joining SBEMP more than a decade ago, Mike chaired the real estate department at Jeffer Mangels Butler and Marmaro in Century City.   A graduate of UCLA, Mike became an adjunct professor teaching a variety of real property law classes, including “Foreign Investment in United States Real Estate” and “Advanced Aspects of Real Estate Acquisition and Finance”. He also authored “Foreign Investment in US Real Estate” and frequently was a featured presenter on real estate law at Continuing Education of the Bar conferences.

After a brief illness, Mike passed away on May 16, 2013. Mike truly enjoyed the practice of law and being a lawyer, which is why he practiced up to the time of his death with passion and commitment. They just don’t make lawyers like Mike anymore. He provided our firm with a wealth of knowledge on real property, financing, and banking matters. He was a ‘teacher’ during his tenure with our firm and was always willing to share his knowledge with his colleagues. We will miss his approach to the law and the valuable contribution he made to all of our attorneys.