Pre-Litigation Mediation Is An Essential Mitigation For Damages

Lawsuits are a time- consuming process that can destroy a business partnership. Moreover, usually the party that wins the dispute ends up losing a lot of money. Therefore, it’s essential to include a pre-litigation mediation clause as part a two-party business contract.

This is the process where a third party helps a plaintiff and defendant resolve their differences without going to trial. Parties can come together to discuss the issues, while keeping the issues strictly confidential. This can save both parties a lot of time and embarrassment from a full litigation. Additionally, mediation may come up with alternatives to financial resolutions. 

Benefits of Pre-Litigation Mediation

There are many benefits of seeking this contractual right before going to trial. The benefits of this provision include:

- not having to go through a lengthy trial
- quick resolution without harming a business relationship
- no costly attorney fees
- reducing the disputed issues
- issues kept strictly confidential

Pre-Litigation Mediation is an Essential Clause

Pre-litigation mediation is an essential clause that should be incorporated into a business contract. Not only will you quickly resolve an issue, you may preserve a lasting business relationship. 

If you have any questions related to pre-litigation mediation, please contact our Palm Springs mediation attorneys. We are experienced in pre-litigation mediation and will help to ensure your company is protected. Remember, mediation can save a business time, money, and reputation.