How to Navigate the Complicated Area of Banking and Business Law

Banking and business law and regulation can be a complicated area to navigate that requires a qualified and experienced Palm Springs banking practice law firm to ensure success in contentious, insolvency and regulatory matters. The international nature of business in the 21st century means our experience working with the US Securities Exchange Commission are an important factor in ensuring our clients comply with all regulations and laws.

Our experience and skills are not limited to the world of banking law, but includes a vast spectrum of business experience that includes advising our clients on auto leasing, securities law, corporate trust regulation, fraud and the many issues that tend to arise during bankruptcy proceedings.

Assessing and avoiding legal risk is an area of law we, as a Palm Springs business litigation law firm, we have a vast amount of experience. Unfortunately, disputes over business practices do often arise, for which we have a large amount of experience in civil proceedings and in settlements created by arbitration and mediation.

In our digital age, business is conducted around the world with a few clicks of a computer screen, which can often lead to international problems our Banking & Finance litigation practice can seek to assist with. Our experience extends to both federal and state courts within the US, where we act on behalf of both the plaintiff and defendant. Amongst our successes are cases that have involved legal issues surrounding letters of credit, lender liability and breach of contract that have been brought by and against banks and other financial institutions.

To ensure the success of a financial institution or business we have the experience to assist in legal matters of an international or national level, including enforcing legal judgments within the US or abroad.