How Government and Municipalities Can Proceed with Land Use and Zoning Issues

The Law Offices of SBEMP service public and private sector clients with intelligent, authoritative counsel on all forms of municipal issues within the public and private sectors.

Land Use and Zoning issues

Developing or utilizing real estate property for any person subjects entities to zoning regulations. However, this is only one form of land use restrictions. Our daily undertakings involve offering constant counsel to individuals and both public and private entities concerning their development and utilization of real estate.

Our services are relevant to private clients that need the appropriate expertise to assert their rights as private citizens and public or private entities. Our attorneys possess all the requisite zeal and experience to mount a commanding defense of our clients’ interests.

Code Enforcement and Rezoning Issues

It is the right of all municipalities to enact, enforce and modify laws in order to promote the general welfare of their citizens. This process is endowed to governing bodies in most cases to their combined discretions in reference to enacting re-zoning ordinances.

This power cannot be rescinded without involving an arbitrary proceeding and receiving a favorable judgment. Because this protocol applies to individual property owners, businesses and municipalities, SBEMP offers proficient counsel to every sector that could have a vested interest in the process.

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This is directly attributable to the vast knowledge that he possesses and wields in the defense of our clients. SBEMP has perfected innovative strategies with our Coachella Valley government legal counsel approach that consistently provides our clients with positive relief in all matters concerning the entire zoning and re-zoning process. Contact SBEMP at 760-322-2275 to discuss your case.