How Are Personal Injury Settlements Paid Out?

As a Palm Springs personal injury attorney, one of the main concerns of my clients is how and when they will be getting paid next. I always make an effort to show them the way that the payment process works. Very often, I hear the same set of questions. These questions often include:

1. When will I be paid after my case has settled?
2. When will I receive my settlement check?
3. How quickly will I get my money?
4. My case has just been settled. When will I receive the settlement money?

I know this is a main concern to clients, and clients have a right to answers to all of these questions. The money for clients should show up in about a month, maybe longer depending on circumstances. I work hard to make this happen as soon as possible. Listed below are the steps that it takes to receive a payment through a personal injury case.

The first step of settlement is giving the defendant’s insurance company a release form that will be used to file releasing them from charges once the payment is received. It essentially is acceptance of the settlement payment.

 After the defendant’s insurance company receives the release form, they begin to process things on their side. The defendant needs to issue payment within a two-six week period of the release.