Palm Springs Corporate and Litigation Attorney for Construction Law

There are a number of areas of law that make up the legal system and one of the most common is construction law. This type of law deals with issues pertaining to construction projects, which range from residential to commercial buildings. With this area of law, disputes can be addressed and resolved both before and during a construction project building process. To best get the assistance you need in any legal matter, you will benefit most by using a Palm Springs corporate attorney who specializes in construction law. Continue reading

Mediation contracts still have not gained acceptance

The idea of putting a mediation provision into a commercial contract is getting more popular with both businesses and individuals. In this case both sides are required to go to mediation before going to a lawsuit to settle their differences. Some cases could be worked out this way and saved everyone time and money, but it will not work in all cases. Continue reading

State declines to get involved in tribal dispute

The State of California has declined to get involved in a dispute between two groups of Indians who run the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino, a story by said. The case is before a federal court, which is deciding whether one faction violated a court order by trying to reopen the casino. The State of California says its job is to protect its citizens, and that the tribe is obligated to resolve its own issues. Continue reading

Two Types of Trademarks to Protect Your Company

Owners of goods and services who wish to protect the rights to their goods and services use trademarks to protect their brand from being stolen or misused. In America, preparing an application and having it authorized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is how to do this. The applicant must be knowledgeable in the different trademarks and how they are applicable to the owner. Continue reading

Power of Attorney, Guardianship and Conservatorship

Power of Attorney is an important legal binding in the form of a document that gives broad powers for another person, the agent, to make a broad range of legal decisions on behalf of an individual, the principal. The person with Power of Attorney may sell property, sign contracts, make legal decisions, and make health care decisions. Continue reading

What is a Shareholder Agreement?

A shareholders agreement is essentially an agreement between shareholders designed to outline the way business dealings will be handled between each party in the agreement. Though they are not mandatory, shareholders agreements are considered a valuable resource and are aimed to provide protection in the event of a dispute among shareholders. Continue reading

How Can a Lawyer Help You with Building Contracts?

Once you hire an attorney at the beginning of the project, you will be at an immediate advantage. With a construction attorney, you can get the assistance you need in order to find the most profitable terms in a contract. Construction lawyers also have expertise in determining risk factors and help prevent you from having financial and other difficulties with the project. Continue reading

3 Issues that Require a Personal Injury Attorney

When a personal injury occurs, it is likely to be mentally and physically draining, as well as incredibly expensive. A one-day stay at the average hospital in the United States is in the $1,600 to $2,000 range. Although high, the amount of the one-day stay doesn’t include any extras such as medications, cat scans, or other treatments. Continue reading

Benefits to Hiring a Business Litigation Law Firm

Legal agreement and arrangement issues frequently arise for business owners, especially those of you in the Coachella Valley area. During such legal problems, it is best to have it addressed by a Coachella Valley business litigation law firm. Hiring the services of a law firm would help manage legal dealings such as business litigation, insurance disputes, bad faith claims, class action suits and fraud. Continue reading

What Are Real Estate Entitlements?

A real estate entitlement is approval to develop on property for a use that is specific. It involves an extensive legal process to receive approval. A developer would need an entitlement to develop property into a business complex in certain locations. A homebuyer may need an entitlement to develop a mother-in-law unit. Continue reading

Update on Disputes Between Farmers and Tribes Over Water

Farmers and Tribes have a long standing feud over The Trinity River. Since the 1930s, the farmers have been using water from the river and a dam was approved in 1955 with construction finishing in 1962. The problem is that the Yurok have relied on the fishing from the surrounding rivers to survive. When the farmers are depleting the water levels, the fish die off and there isn’t enough food for the members of the tribe. Continue reading

Trend in Master-Planned Communities Abound with New Survey

Decades of following the trend of home buyers have taken a turn for a new discovery. While 72% of survey takers had never lived in a master-planned community in the past, their sights are turning toward buying a home in this type of environment within the next 24 months. This turn-around in the housing market is key in providing real estate developers and investors with critical information needed to make future investment choices. Continue reading

California’s Elected Officials and Citizens Create Plan for State’s Water Model

According to L.A. Times reporter Monte Morin, the California State Water Resources Control Board recently approved the Stormwater Capture Master Plan for Los Angeles County. Up to 10 billion gallons of water fall during a single storm in L.A. County and makes its way through storm channels to the Pacific Ocean. The water model plan involves reclamation and use of that rainwater before it reaches the ocean. Continue reading

Investing Wisely in Raw Land

Investing in raw land can be an extremely profitable undertaking, and there are many stories about unbelievably huge profits from the resale of land that was dirt cheap at the time it was bought. It is still possible to make good money on raw land today, especially in Palm Springs. However, the wise recourse for people who plan such a venture is to consult with a reliable Palm Springs real estate attorney from the onset. Continue reading