What Entity Type Should An Entrepreneur Choose for Their Business?

The period during the planning and brainstorming of a new business is a heady and exciting period. Many starry-eyed dreamers have started a business venture with visions of success. We at SBEMP understand how exciting this time is and want to help entrepreneurs understand the practical side of registering your business as a legal entity. What confuses entrepreneurs is trying to decide which business entity to choose. Our Coachella Valley business transaction law firm advises on this detail for new businesses founded in the Coachella Valley. Continue reading

Santa Monica Awarded for Transparency and Collaboration Through Open Data

According to recent Canyon News, the City of Santa Monica has been uniquely committed to “Transparency, Collaboration and Third Party Applications Through Open Data,” and has now received national recognition for it in the Technology Solutions area, from The Public Technology Institute – a non-profit organization with a focus on technology issues such as those the Coachella Valley government law firm also believes will impact our locality. Continue reading

Settling An Estate, In Or Out Of Probate Court

Serving as executor to someone else is a position of trust, but it’s also a tall order. An executor is responsible for realizing another person’s last will and testament – which can be anything as simple as final resting place arrangements to parceling out property. If debts and taxes are involved, the executor might have to protect the deceased person’s assets until such time as those affairs are settled. Continue reading

How to Begin Looking for a Commercial Lease for Business

Commercial leases and residential leases are very different animals. First of all, a commercial lease is simply a contract between a business and a landlord for the ability to rent a building. The lease can be for a short time period (as low as even just a month) or long term (sometimes as long as fifteen years). The lease can be a written document or it can also be oral. Usually oral leases are difficult for judges to enforce after a year has gone by. Continue reading

5 Great Tips On How To Avoid a Lawsuit

Approximately 15 million civil lawsuits are filed each year in the United States and therefore many are at least somewhat concerned about the possibility of being sued. Whether you are a business owner, lawyer, doctor, architect or none of the above, if you are interested in avoiding a lawsuit, this article has tips for you. Continue reading

Frequent Questions to a Coachella Valley Disability Attorney

What Are The Requirements To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), you must prove that you have a physical or mental health problem that keeps you from working for 12 consecutive months. This proof must come in the form of medical evidence that shows the physical or mental health problem is so severe that you cannot work for at least a year. Continue reading

The Top Way to Recover Damages and Medical Expenses in an Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are some of the most common causes of personal injury in Palm Springs, California. Due to the highly populated area and well-traveled highways, mishaps on the roadways occur at a more frequent rate. Consequently, these instances may end up costing victims thousands of dollars in damages, and depending upon the seriousness, may result in grave injury and even death. Continue reading

How to Obtain Zoning Grants and Permits Despite Complex Regulations

Government agencies that control the use of a building and land help organize the process of developing various projects. They also assist in seeing that the projects are built safely for individuals and environment that surround it. Unfortunately, the regulations are complex and generally lead to a delay or denial in obtaining zoning grants and permits when new real estate projects are under development. Continue reading

What to Do When Disputes Arise Between Shareholders and Business Partners

When a contentious relationship develops between shareholders and business partners, the accompanying stress can cause profit margins to fall precipitously. SBEMP is a Palm Springs business litigation law firm that takes decisive actions to quickly dissolve the disputes between the appropriate business stakeholders in order to rectify all requisite problems in their real estate activities. This action eliminates barriers and restores the entities’ previous profitability. Continue reading

Why a Third Party is Needed to Resolve Corporate Disputes

When the shareholders for a business or corporation can’t handle their professional disputes and get back to being productive in business in a timely manner, this is an indication that a third party is needed to resolve the issue. The agreements between the parties may need to be legally dissolved, but some companies don’t have clear regulations concerning this. This means that dividing property and assets can get complicated to say the least. Continue reading

How long can I file a lawsuit for a personal injury in Coachella Valley?

A personal injury lawsuit is possible when an accident happens as a result of a negligent party. The injured individual or entity pursues a claim to recover monetary relief. Hiring a Coachella Valley personal injury attorney is one of the wisest decisions an injured party can make. Because of California’s statute of limitations, taking swift action after the accident is important. Let too much time pass, and you may lose the opportunity to get the compensation you deserve. Continue reading

Income and Resource Limits for Disability and SSI Payments

A large number of parents are confused and concerned about SSI Disability Payments for special needs kids. Coachella Valley healthcare and insurance and Coachella Valley disability attorneys are good sources for current information on this very subject. It is important to understand that the government sets down certain rules that are required for the child to be eligible for SSI. Often, this is a very complicated and frustrating process that requires clarification. Continue reading

Statistics of Corporate Lawsuits and How to Prevent Litigation

A 2011 Supreme Court decision has had a major effect on the number of class action lawsuits being brought by employees against companies, as the employers are pushing arbitration as the top option. Consumer disputes can now not be the subject of class action disputes, which has led to dramatic declines in both the number of class action consumer lawsuits and the cost of these to companies. A Coachella Valley corporate law firm can make a number of recommendations for any company that is concerned with the potential for class action lawsuits being brought against them. Continue reading