Territoriality and Well-Known Marks in the Hospitality Industry

Most of the leading hotels, restaurants, casinos and other ventures in the hospitality industry have done little to register their trademarks on a national or international basis, or have failed to enforce their marks outside of their own geographic markets. But, in this litigious society, expect legal actions from established businesses with names identical or similar to well known, major enterprises should they locate to these remote geographic areas during an expansion.

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What Services Do We Offer in Banking Law

These days, many businesses find themselves in need of a Palm Springs banking practice law firm. If this is the case for your organization, our professionals can help you. With extensive industry experience and a passion for operating in excellence and expedience, our representatives are effective in helping clients attain the results they want.

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Recruiting hospital based physicians is a solid alternative

Many small hospitals struggle to find physicians, as there is a shortage nationally, especially among smaller and more rural hospitals. Recruiting new physicians is not easy, and part of the issue is regulation and scrutiny of the process by the government. Our Palm Springs medical general counsel law firm has been trying to negotiate these complicated rules in order to facilitate recruitment. Another aspect is reimbursement of medical expenses from the government, which puts a strain on doctors and makes them harder to recruit.

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Palm Springs Homeowner Associations Attorneys Tell You What You Need To Know

Our Palm Springs Homeowner Associations attorneys want you to know your homeowner rights. With homeowners in California learning about established rights that govern the HOA, they understand the guides for associations to help their members. Knowing their legally protected rights of membership would be the first step to questioning if they have questionable treatment by their HOA board.

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Personal Injury Litigation On STD: How To Prove Liability

Today, there’s an increasingly growing demand for Palm Springs personal injury lawyers specializing in STD litigation. The success of any supposed STD lawsuit depends heavily on several key factors. It definitely won’t be a trivial process. In fact, it’ll pose a series of obstructions, but with the right legal powerhouse for defense, justice is imminent.

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Terms of Contracts Between Utilities and Local Government

If a franchise utility wishes to have their facilities on public property, the company needs a contract to operate. The local government grants permission for franchise utilities to operate within their boundaries. However, the municipal government operates differently from the private sector in negotiation of contracts and can renegotiate terms.

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What Business Litigation Is and Is Not

Owning a company is a daunting and challenging responsibility, full of both benefits and negatives. One of the most unpleasant aspects of owning a business is dealing with legal issues. While this is something that most business owners would rather try to ignore, understanding and preparing for legal problems is essential to a business’ reputation and well being. Business litigation is the legal term that is used for resolving disputes that are faced by business owners faced by problems and challenges by the law.

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Why Businesses Need a Mediator in a Dispute Case

A mediator is going to help you get the best results from any kind of situation that needs a third party to resolve a dispute. Our Palm Springs mediation attorneys help you get resolution for your case. A mediator’s job is to “step in” to the dispute with their expertise in conflict resolution. The goal is to resolve the issue to prevent the dispute being resolved in court.

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Know Your Rights When it Comes to HIV and STD Disclosure

News of actor Charlie Sheen’s status as an HIV positive man has sparked talk at the water cooler and in the legal field over disclosure of sexually transmitted diseases. Several states already have legislation in place for persons that fail to inform sexual partners of their STD status. These laws typically apply to incurable diseases or those that can cause irreparable health consequences such as HIV, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis and Syphilis.

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Increasing Corporate Integrity With Structured Succession Plans

The modern, fast-paced business era demands for companies to structure solid succession plans to ensure that day-to-day business operations are not hindered, and to ensure that a bright future for a company remains possible. Succession planning is a highly evolved process that strategically places individuals in significant positions within a company’s infrastructure.

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The Importance of Having a Special Needs Trust for Your Loved Ones With a Disability

What is a Special Needs Trust?

When doing your estate planning, consider discussing with your Palm Springs disability attorney the benefits of having a special needs trust. This kind of trust allows loved ones to provide for family members with a disability, but ensures that they will still continue to receive government healthcare benefits such as Medicaid or Medicare and financial support such as SSI. The total sum of money that you allot to them is kept in a special fund, which distributes a set monthly amount to them that is within the government guidelines of what they are allowed to receive and still keep their benefits.

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Do You Need To Disclose Your STD Status To Partners?

We all know that monogamy and abstinence are effective at preventing the spread of STDs. You can also protect yourself and your partner by practicing safe sex and informing your partner if you have an STD before you engage in any intimate contact.

Are you legally required to disclose this information? Generally speaking, you aren’t. No state or federal laws exist regarding disclosure of your STD status, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

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Palm Springs Corporate and Litigation Attorney for Construction Law

There are a number of areas of law that make up the legal system and one of the most common is construction law. This type of law deals with issues pertaining to construction projects, which range from residential to commercial buildings. With this area of law, disputes can be addressed and resolved both before and during a construction project building process. To best get the assistance you need in any legal matter, you will benefit most by using a Palm Springs corporate attorney who specializes in construction law. Continue reading

Mediation contracts still have not gained acceptance

The idea of putting a mediation provision into a commercial contract is getting more popular with both businesses and individuals. In this case both sides are required to go to mediation before going to a lawsuit to settle their differences. Some cases could be worked out this way and saved everyone time and money, but it will not work in all cases. Continue reading

State declines to get involved in tribal dispute

The State of California has declined to get involved in a dispute between two groups of Indians who run the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino, a story by www.law360.com said. The case is before a federal court, which is deciding whether one faction violated a court order by trying to reopen the casino. The State of California says its job is to protect its citizens, and that the tribe is obligated to resolve its own issues. Continue reading