The Cost of Personal Injury to You and Your Family

Personal injury is not just an infliction of physical harm, but includes emotional distress. It consists of cases that cause physical, mental and emotional pain to victims due to another party’s intentional act or negligence. The most common personal injury incidents in the United States are due to auto accidents that vary from mild to severe injuries, even devastating consequences, including death. Continue reading

4 Damages Corporations May Face that Cause Necessary Actions

With most litigation cases that involve partnership, the root cause usually stems from one of these issues:

• Breach of Contract – partner goes against the contract terms
• Fiduciary Duty Breach – one business partner betrays the other partner
• Misrepresentation or Fraud – business partner conceals or misrepresents facts that are material
• Account Issues– where co-owner steals and what amount of damage has been caused to the company Continue reading

How Mergers & Acquisitions Can Result from Strategic Alliances

Whenever an opportunity is open for acquisitions, there is a perfect chance for becoming an ally with others. This is also the case when you are considering a merger. While working closely with these alliances, there is also a possibility of forming a joint venture. With planning strategy, compounded by the numbers involved, there is a greater chance for synergy. Our Coachella Valley mergers and acquisitions firm shares why. Continue reading

What Happens in Municipal Real Estate Operating Covenant Disputes

The tenant to operate its store in municipal real estate for a series of years, and an assigned number of hours, as well as days every week refers to an operating covenant as a contract. It is worth noting that, such covenants are found in leases as they contain a percentage rent provision. This is the provision that is normally postulated to guarantee that the tenant’s sales are increased, a clear emancipation of what Palm Springs government legal counsel offers. Continue reading

Why is An Eminent Domain Attorney Necessary?

It is common in eminent domain cases that people attempt to represent themselves. This is the single biggest mistake in the entire transaction. A home or business is the largest asset for most people. Allowing the process to go forward without sufficient legal representation directly depreciates the value of that asset by thousands of dollars, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fair market value is a subjective term that savvy home and business owners can request the help of their attorney to decide. Continue reading

Are Your At-Will Employment Documents Worded Correctly?

More and more private business owners are noticing the “at will” employment approach for their business. This type of employment means that an employer does not have to give any employee an advanced notice of termination of their job, nor does the employer have to justify to the employee why they are being relieved of their duties. This law upholds the fact that employers do not have to give a good reason for termination of the employee. Continue reading

Why Government Agencies Need Experienced Government Legal Counsel

Individuals, corporations, and government agencies regularly require special legal counsel that has experience with government regulatory issues and policies.

Experience Counts to Help Government Agencies

Our experienced Coachella Valley government legal counsel helps clients with government regulations, whether the client is a government agency or entity, or the client has extensive interaction with government agencies at the state or federal level. Continue reading

The 3 Gaming Classes Under Regulation of the IGRA

In 1988, Congress enacted legislation titled the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) to provide the framework for a gambling operation run by California tribes. This enactment was a direct response to the ruling that stopped California from interfering with existing tribal gaming operations. The IRGA set forth to provide tribes with opportunity for economic growth, self-sufficiency and stable government. Continue reading

Opening A Bank Account Just For Your Business

Opening a bank account for your business is one of the best ways to keep your personal and business funds separate. There are many things that can go wrong when you co-mingle funds from your business and personal finances. Each one of those problems is listed below. If you cover all your bases, you can keep both sets of assets protected. Continue reading

The Green Building Law in California: Promoting Ecologically-Conscious Construction

The California Green Law was formed and drafted by a consortium of state agencies, including, but limited to, the Department of Housing and Community Development, the California State Lands Commission and the California Building Standards Commission. This particular law has twelve parts. As part of the California Building Standards code, these changes are published every three years per the California State legislature, and take effect 180 days after the bill is passed. The legislation allows for collective establishment of strict building standards that take into consideration any local climatic, geological or topographical conditions that may prevail in a specific region. Continue reading

The Purpose of the Good Samaritan Law

Section 11376.5 of California Health and Safety Code is a law in California, aiming at averting deaths caused by drug overdose. The law, as explained by our Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer, in reference to the passing of the law, was made effective on January 1, 2013.

The California drug overdose Good Samaritan law encourages calling 911 or seeking medical assistance for a person in need, or yourself, with varying levels of criminal protection or civil immunity for those involved. In part, this law protects good Samaritans from being in trouble with the law if they are also under the influence of drugs when they make the call. Continue reading

Get Your Personal Injury Questions Answered By Our Experienced Attorney

Accidents can happen at any time. When an accident causes real harm and distress, a Palm Springs personal injury attorney can help. 

How Does an Attorney Help My Case?

Your attorney will begin by assessing the damages, the amount of money that will compensate you fairly for medical costs, and for pain and suffering. An attorney considers liability, or who is responsible for the accident, and looks at the sources of collection, such as medical insurance, and the assets of the person responsible for the injury. Doing due diligence such as researching this information ensures your attorney knows how much you can expect to receive.  Continue reading

Social Media Issues for Politicians and Government Employees

Social media can cause a plethora of issues for law officials. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, it has also become a favorite tool for those who work in law. Even though there are a lot of advantages to social media, such as being able to keep in touch with friends, it can also have a very negative impact on users. This is why SBEMP’s Coachella Valley government legal counsel is sharing tips on how to use social media wisely when you’re a law maker. Continue reading

What to Consider for Your Trust and Estate Planning

An essential task in any family’s life is the task of estate planning. What happens to your assets that make up your estate does not have to be left up to the State or individuals for whom you have never met. You can be guided through this process with a Coachella Valley estate planning attorney who will explain the importance and differences and functions of wills and trusts. Continue reading