The Role of Commercial Litigation Attorneys In Your Case (And How They Save You Time, Energy, & Money)

Many business owners will face issues with property, finances, or contracts. If these issues involve the court, or possibly going to court, involving a commercial litigator helps you resolve the issues. Whether you or your business is facing any commercial litigation issues, it is advisable to contact your local Palm Springs commercial litigation attorney. Continue reading

How Our Team of Real Estate and Land Law Attorneys in Palm Springs Help You Navigate Regulatory Laws in the Local Area

The Palm Springs area has a unique set of regulatory laws underlying the properties therein. Anyone purchasing residential or commercial properties needs to quickly become familiar with the way these laws work. Most people will appreciate they can learn more information about how to manage local real estate law. Attorneys in the Palm Springs area provide a lot of information that helps you through these issues. They understand local regulations and can handle them with ease. Continue reading

How a Palm Springs Business Litigation Law Firm Helps Navigate Pressing Issues of Commercial Litigation

While a Palm Springs commercial litigation law firm may use many different names, such as corporate litigation attorney, Palm Springs commercial litigation attorney, business trial lawyers, or simply breach of contract litigation attorneys, all these terms mean basically the same thing. Some reasons action is taken in these lawsuits are Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Act, or even Fraud. Continue reading

Need Accounts Receivable Lending? Our Coachella Valley Banking Practice Law Firm Helps Lenders and Borrowers

Lending money across the United States increased by nearly 15 percent in April 2013, from a recent study, as compared with the same month last year, thanks to the growing economy. It was not significant enough to attract more borrowers. Furthermore, the federal government has been criticizing the local and state banks for not lending to enough people, reflects that the real estate and other industrial sectors need to pick up in full intensity where it left off before the economy fallout in 2008. Continue reading

How Our Coachella Valley Mergers and Acquisitions Firm Guides You Through the Process

Coachella Valley Legal Professionals for Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger occurs when two business entities legally, and voluntarily combine into one organization for their mutual benefit. If this is something that you are contemplating then consider contacting a Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm that specializes in the merger process. If you are looking at becoming more efficient and profitable, then a merger may be in line. Continue reading

How Our Coachella Valley Tribal Attorneys Help Tribes in the Local Area

Native American tribes are now emerging from centuries of indifferent, hostile, and complex regulation by outside authorities. Native Tribes are recovering self-determination, and developing tribal sovereignty. Tribal governments must deal with complex legal issues, caused by economic development, tribal politics, and cultural expression, as well as legal and policy issues caused by interactions with non-tribal members, businesses and government. Continue reading

How to Choose a Coachella Valley Personal Injury Attorney that Will Get Results

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is the first and most important step to fighting a personal injury suit. Personal injury is defined as suffering from an injury as a result of an accident or injury sustained where another person was at fault. This injury can be physical or emotional. Victims suffering from a personal injury due to anything from home, work or car accident are likely entitled to compensation. Continue reading

How a Real Estate Disclosure Statement Informs About Potential Natural Disaster Locations on the Property

According to common laws and statutes, anyone selling real estate has a legal obligation to disclose all information that is relevant to a property’s value. Such a legal duty requires that real estate sellers inspect the property for any physical defects and other surrounding problems. Potential buyers must have access to documentation that provides information about whether a property for sale is within a radius of a zone that is deemed hazardous. Continue reading

Recent Decisions In a Tribal Lawsuit That Have Attorneys Worried Over Indian Land Use and Zoning Issues

Bryan Newland recently wrote an article on Turtle Talk about a case that is under the California Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, hereinafter IGRA. It is a suit seeking to require negotiations for a class II gaming activity on Indian lands controlled by the Big Lagoon Ranchereia, an Indian Tribe. The decision against the Tribe and in favor of the State is what has intrigued us. Continue reading

Coachella Valley Real Estate Attorneys Stay Up-to-Date On Possible Changes in Redevelopment Proposals

According to the California Planning & Development Report (CP&DR) staff, there are possible changes to California’s Infrastructure Financing District law that may have implications for individuals and corporations looking to take part in redevelopment in the state. Some of the changes proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown, however, may be confusing and are best explained by your Coachella Valley real estate attorney. Continue reading

Avoid Trial! Learn the Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Avoiding Trial: Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Court proceedings leading to full-blown trials for civil disputes are expensive, time-consuming and, in many cases, leave one side the winner and the other the loser. With such a 50/50 chance, there are benefits to seeking middle ground for all involved. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs settle civil disputes through mediation and arbitration, and are being encouraged by legislatures and adopted by courts nationwide. Continue reading

Coachella Valley: Pre-Litigation, Litigation Avoidance, and Dispute Management

In life, prevention is sometimes the best solution to a possible problem. Planning ahead and securing the necessary steps to ensure positive financial and legal standing is important in any situation. SBEMP is a Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Law Firm. If you are in need of a Coachella Valley litigation attorney or more specifically, a Coachella Valley commercial litigation attorney, look no further than SBEMP. Continue reading

Coachella Valley Personal Injury Attorney Shares the Top Reasons Personal Injury Cases Go to the High Courts

Reasons Personal Injury Cases Go to the High Courts

According to statistical data, close to 80% of personal injury claims settle out of court. While many are able to reach mediation in the pretrial period, there are times when personal injury cases must be heard by the High Courts. Typically these cases are the most complex; however cases where arbitration has failed and where there is a question in liability will also go to the higher courts. Continue reading

Coachella Valley Commercial Litigation Attorneys Share How Thinking Outside the Box Helps Win Settlements

“Thinking outside the box” is a useful tool in winning settlements. A practitioner
needs to consider all aspects of each case, and consider the possibility that some negotiations can be resolved with methods other than financial ones. If all parties enter negotiations cooperatively, then resolutions can often be found that will both allow conflicting parties to work through disputes, and continue doing business together. In the case of a loan repayment for example, the borrower might agree to increase the amount of payments for a specified period of time so that the lender does not lose money. Continue reading

Coachella Valley Government Law Firm Shares Definitions of Municipal Law

The Definition of Municipal Law Is As Follows:

Municipal Law (Otherwise known legally as “municipality”) is a law that pertains only to a specific city or county and may not be law outside of the specified area. Police power, property taxes, education policies, and zoning laws are just several examples of the wide range of issues government bodies within a city or county has control over. Continue reading

Palm Springs Government Legal Counsel Shares How The Brown Act Improves The Public’s Ability To Participate In Government Meetings

Also known as the Open Meeting Law, the Ralph M. Brown Act is located in California Government Code 54950 et. seq. 1. Created in 1953, the act is designed to guarantee the public’s right to take part and participate in any sort of meeting with the local legislative body, such as the Palm Springs government legal counsel. Here, the Brown Act is essential when it comes to making the public officials more accountable for any of the laws they pass or actions they partake in throughout their time in office. It is designed to increase the ability for individuals throughout the community to take part in their local government and stay on top of everything taking place. Continue reading


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Sexually transmitted disease law suit filed on behalf of renowned journalist

For Immediate Release

Slovak Baron Empey Murphy & Pinkney LLP Announces Sexually Transmitted Disease Lawsuit On Behalf Of Renowned Journalist

PALM SPRINGS, CA – Feb. 11, 2014 – SBEMP, LLP announces the filing of a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of accomplished journalist Liz Crokin against Mallory Hill alleging that he knowingly infected her with a sexually transmitted disease resulting in life-threatening injuries during the couple¹s relationship from May 2012 to March 2013.

Liz Crokin has an extensive background in entertainment and political journalism in print, television and Internet media. She has covered celebrities for over a decade for various publications including the Chicago Tribune¹s Red-Eye Edition, In Touch Weekly, Us Weekly and Star. Crokin also worked in the White House and at Fox News Channel as well as appearing as a television commentator on various shows such as AXS Live, Extra and Biography Channel specials.

The complaint alleges that Crokin and Defendant Mallory Hill began an intimate relationship in May 2012. Before engaging in a sexual relationship with Crokin, it is alleged that Hill knew for more than 15 years that he was infected with genital herpes (HSV-2) and oral herpes (HSV-1). The complaint further alleges that Hill never told Crokin he was infected and even after she asked him if he was infected with any sexually-transmitted diseases he lied to her by telling her was not infected with anything.

The complaint further alleges that after experiencing initial symptoms of the viral infection, Hill told Crokin and her treating physicians that he had been tested and was not infected with any sexually-transmitted disease. Hill¹s alleged misrepresentations delayed an accurate diagnosis of Crokin¹s condition, which left undiagnosed and untreated for months, eventually caused herpes meningitis, an uncommon, but extremely serious condition. Crokin¹s infection became life-threatening when it progressed to meningoencephalitis, a viral infection of the brain itself.

According to the allegations in the complaint, Crokin has sustained disabling and permanent physical and mental injuries and has been unable to resume her professional career on a full-time basis. She is, however, currently writing a weekly column for the Chicago Sun-Times. In an attempt to spread awareness about this devastating disease Crokin recently joined the Meningitis Foundation board.

Shaun M. Murphy of SBEMP is representing Ms. Crokin in this lawsuit. Mr. Murphy is nationally-known as one of the leading trial attorneys representing plaintiffs infected with genital herpes. He has recovered more than $10,000,000 in verdicts and settlements for infected women.

For more information about this case, please contact Shaun M. Murphy at (760) 322-2275 or For more information about these types of cases in general or to learn about SBEMP, LLP, please visit our website:

To review a copy of the complaint, please click the link: