The Zen of Using Real Estate and Land Law Attorneys to Help with Zoning Laws

Real estate and land law attorneys in Palm Springs can help you understand local zoning laws and regulations. Zoning is the regulation of how and why the area of land is being used. With an inspection, the property and surrounding area must be safe, healthy, and in line with the community’s needs and involvement. Zoning also ensures the land use is in line with other residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Continue reading

How Our Government Legal Counsel Helps Municipalities Maximize Their Resources in Current Economic States

With the recent economic downturn and a historic number of citizens approaching retirement age, there has been an increased pressure on local government to deliver the same standard of community services with a significantly decreased budget. These budgets are further stressed by reduced state funding, declining revenue bases, rising pensions and labor expenses, a strict regulatory condition and a decreased proximity to the capital. Continue reading

Estate Planning Using a Totten Trust

The topic of this article is about a special type of California bank account sometimes known as a ‘Totten Trust’. It’s a very simple and quite effective way of avoiding probate, which is why it is also well known as a POD (payable on death) account. POD accounts are just bank accounts in which you name a beneficiary to inherit the funds once you die. Continue reading

Using Provisional Methods to Remedy a Litigation Case

Creditors have various ways to secure judgments following a court action case. Some of these terms associated with this area of the law are referred to as “provisional” or “prejudgment,” among others. These terms apply to cases that are still ongoing. Overall they work to prevent those who owe the debt from hiding, moving, encumbering, or dissipating the funds that they must pay. Keep in mind that these processes are not always in place. They are a temporary means to prevent money owed from disappearing further. Continue reading

What Happens During Wage and Hour Wrongful Termination Disputes

An employee in California can be terminated without a reason. In fact, they can be let go for any reason. This is what you call ‘at will’ employment. Unless an employee is given specified assurances stating otherwise, then all California employment is considered to be ‘at will’. The law does prevent California employers from failing to promote, demoting, or engaging in various adverse employment actions, providing their actions are motivated by any intent that is prohibited by law. Continue reading

The Top 3 Issues that Real Estate Attorneys Help Landowners with in Real Estate Law

An attorney whose focus is real estate law will deal with transactions involving property. Such transactions include inspection of homes, purchases, lease agreements and appraisals. On a few rare occasions, these lawyers will deal with environmental and insurance issues. But in general, this attorney will speak on behalf of the landowners when they are in the middle of issues that must be resolved in the courts. Continue reading

What a Special Needs Lawyer Helps with Estate Planning for Persons with Special Needs

Having the government interfere with your estate is one of the biggest problems your loved ones have to handle. This problem becomes even bigger if the person who receives part of the estate happens to have special needs. It can also greatly increase the chances of the government taking an exceptionally active role in the management of the estate. The best way to avoid this is by having a Palm Springs special needs lawyer manage the estate. Continue reading

How a Mergers and Acquisitions Firm Helps Move Your Transaction Forward

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the primary means by which a business can rapidly grow. They have the major advantage of allowing a business to eliminate the competition, while gaining access to markets that are proven profitable. However, a large number of mergers and acquisitions end up never happening. This may be because of problems during negotiations, problems with the law, and problems raising money to reach an agreement. Continue reading

New Developments Concerning Employee & Employer Arbitration in the Iskanian v. CLS Transp. Los Angeles, LLC Case

Courts have been increasingly applying elements of the Federal Arbitration Act to more and more employer/employee arbitration disputes. Currently, 49 states have encoded into state statutes, the Uniform Arbitration Act (1956). These two combined situations are giving arbitration decisions and subsequent agreements the enforcement of state and federal law. Continue reading

Why Mediation Saves You Time and Money

One of the biggest problems associated with filing a lawsuit is that it can take a huge amount of time and money. In addition, a person still often worries about losing, which is a good chance all that time and money may go to waste. That is, unless the person or company chooses attorneys with experience in mediation. Continue reading