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SBEMP Wins $220K For Banning Man

  The fundamental right of due process is essential to a free society. When Frank J. Burgess was unfairly accused and penalized without warning by

Posted in Litigation

What is Administrative Law?

Administrative law refers to the body of law and legal work that encompasses government agencies. Government agencies implement these laws to perform government functions. These

Posted in Administrative Law

New Law Changes California Mediation Confidentiality Requirements

  A new amendment signed by the Governor will set new mediation disclosure and acknowledgement requirements in California. Effective January 1, 2019, SB 954 requires

Posted in Litigation, Mediation

New California Employment Laws That Will Affect Your Business

  January 2019 will bring several new employment laws that will affect your business. On Governor Jerry Brown’s last day to sign or veto bills,

Posted in Employment Law

Employee or Independent Contractor?

  A recent decision by the California Court of Appeal confirmed that the ABC test, used to determine whether an individual shall be classified as

Posted in Employment Law

The Anti-Kickback Formula That Every Physician-Landlord Needs to Know

By: David Roth, Esq. Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney LLP Leasing space in a physician’s office to a lessee who, themselves, provides health-related services

Posted in Health Care Administration

What is Natural Resources Law?

Natural Resources law regulates the use of those areas of the environment that have certain economic or social advantages. In general, these advantages include wind

Posted in Environmental and Natural Resources

What is Environmental Law?

Environmental law refers to the body of laws, agreements, regulation, and common law that regulates the manner in which human beings interact with their physical

Posted in Environmental and Natural Resources

What is Banking Law?

Banking law broadly incorporates laws that regulate how banks and other financial establishments conduct business. There is a multitude of federal, state, and local laws

Posted in Banking Law

What is Corporate Law?

Corporate law encompasses the body of rules, regulations, laws, and practices pertaining to the incorporation and operation of corporate entities. It is the body of

Posted in Corporate Law

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