Why it is Critical Unmarried Couples Get Estate Planning

It is becoming increasingly common for many unmarried couples to live together and build a life together, whether they are same sex or opposite sex couples. However, there are many real estate issues and opportunities that should be planned for in advance because these are challenges married couples do not need to worry about. If an unmarried couple is ready to tackle an estate plan, talk to a Palm Springs estate planning attorney to make sure that you formulate your estate plan correctly to address your needs. Continue reading

3 Reasons You Need To Hire A Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be hard after an accident to think clearly through the emotions that accompany such an event, but a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer can help think for you. The attorney will help you file a personal injury claim in a timely fashion so that you can focus on other things. When you hire a lawyer, you also get his or her resources, expertise and network to help make sure that you get the settlement you deserve. Continue reading

How Long Does Probate Last and How Much Does It Cost?

Probate can be expressed as a court proceeding in which your estate is dispersed after your death. When an estate goes in to probate, all of the decedent’s assets and financial debt will be distributed according to the person’s last will and testament. Probate will also allow the heirs to settle any disputes they may have with the final wishes set forth in the will or any disputes concerning the final estate. Continue reading

Construction And Real Estate Litigation Safeguards Your Interests

A Palm Springs real estate attorney can help you navigate the complex issues that may occur during your new construction project. Other parties are involved, including your customers, sub contractors and suppliers. You will need to sign a legally binding construction contract with each of these third parties. Having an experienced construction attorney on your side will provide you with seamless administration and legal enforcement of your company’s critical real estate obligations. Continue reading

Preemption Challenge and its Arguments

The Supremacy Clause of Article VI in the Constitution gives Congress the power to enact federal law that supersedes state law regarding matters that are of national importance rather than local importance. This is known as preemption. According to preemption law doctrine, any state law that is inconsistent with federal law must be declared invalid. Continue reading

Why Choose SBEMP for Government Legal Counsel?

The attorneys at Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy, and Pinkney (SBEMP) law firm represent government agencies, and private clients against the government. Located in Palm Springs, California, SBEMP offers legal counsel in situations with corporate governance, health care requirements, mergers, and so forth. Trust them to handle all the complexities that come with litigation against the government, or in cases where government agencies will need legal counsel. Continue reading

Why Same Sex Couples Need to Plan Their Estate

Things are changing for same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage is seeing growing acceptance, both socially and legally on a federal and state level. Same-sex couples aren’t the only “alternative” families. There are a growing number of people choosing to have children without waiting to get married first. Just because the law permits these “alternative” families doesn’t mean that laws affecting them are up-to-date. Continue reading

What You Should Look for In Real Estate and Land Law Attorneys

Conflicts in real estate transactions are normally the cause of many litigation procedures. Quite often, these types of conflicts arise within the categories of commercial leases, sales contracts, property insurance, and assessment taxes. Other conflicts sometimes occur when dealing with construction and design complaints, boundary claims, fiduciary duty breaches or partnership disputes. When managing these complicated litigation issues, there are various sub-categories within the realm of real estate law that will usually require the special knowledge of a trained legal professional. Continue reading

The Top 3 Mistakes of Buyers in a Merger and Acquisition

Because sellers and buyers view each side of the transaction differently, they can be blind to many important facts. Coachella Valley mergers and acquisitions firms are highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions to help your party view the transaction from a practical stance, which enables you to get the best deal for your position. The following list is just a few of the most common mistakes buyers and sellers make during a merger and acquisition. Continue reading

Guide to the Variety of Trusts Available

A trust is a legal document based on reliance and obligation to carry out the wishes of another if incapacitated or upon death. Previous assets are stored into the set up of a trust, which belongs to the trust itself, not the trustee. The trust is delegated according to the stated rules and instructions within the trust contract. Continue reading

What are Intentional Torts and How Are They a Personal Injury?

Intentional torts are those behaviors and acts that are done with a direct intention. This means that a person can either touch you with a purpose or intentionally threaten you, and a possible violation may have occurred. The person who is being assaulted or battered needs to have received a threat or hit. A Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer can help you to assess the viability of your intentional tort case. Continue reading

How to Resolve Issues with Business Litigation

Taking legal action requires individuals to jump through hurdles, and it requires people to deal with an overwhelming bureaucratic system. As the number of small businesses increase, business owners find themselves having to deal with legal issues they would not normally encounter while employed at a larger company. The recession and downturn of the economy have created an increasing trend of upstarts as people find that starting their own business has its advantages and its freedoms. Continue reading

Quick Way to Solve Your Municipal Legal Issues

SBEMP is a Palm Springs government law firm that has expertise dealing with numerous governmental relations issues. They have a long and storied history of drafting public contracts for projects of various sizes, including professional services and consulting agreements, land development and real estate documents, and public improvement agreements. They work diligently for all clients whether they are looking for a more routine agreement or a developer for a $100,000,000 site-remediation project. SBEMP negotiates agreements that eliminate vague and confusing language and make sure to anticipate and plan for future issues. Continue reading

Update on the Lawsuit of Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Vs. California Water Agencies

According to Turtle Talk, this month the U.S. Department of Justice stood in defense of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians who have brought a lawsuit against two California water agencies. The tribe is accusing the Coachella Valley Water District and the Desert Water Agency of mismanaging the groundwater by depleting it and then replenishing it with salty, impure water from the Colorado River. The ongoing conflict is currently in Phase One of litigation. Continue reading

The Possibility of Taxes Applied to Estate Inheritance

Planning for any sort of estate can be something you do not look forward to, but it is a must and something you need to do. Planning appropriately helps ensure the assets and money you’ve accumulated by yourself or your parents go to the appropriate person(s) after death. It is never a good idea to wait to plan an estate plan. With the assistance of one of our Palm Springs estate planning attorneys, you can have your estate plan completed. Continue reading

Do Past Injuries Keep You from Getting the Compensation You Deserve in a Personal Injury Case?

When a person becomes a victim of a personal injury accident, he or she may find it difficult to get properly compensated for their injury due to a preexisting injury. When a person has a preexisting injury, the defendant’s insurance company may feel that the plaintiff should only have limited compensation. The insurance company may develop a case revealing that the plaintiff’s preexisting injury is the reason behind the majority of pain and suffering experienced now. Continue reading

Advantages to Hiring the Best Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning is always a difficult thing to do, but it is something that must be done. In order to protect yourself and your family, you need to know where money and assets are going once you or your loved one has passed on. Dying without an appropriately set up will is extremely dangerous, as the government can access these items, heavily tax everything and simply reduce the amount of money and assets the family receives. However, with our Palm Springs trust and estate lawyers, it is possible to take care of the planning now for your peace of mind. Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Attorney Over Using a Licensing Service to Start Your Corporation

Are you looking to incorporate your business? Branching out with your business can be a confusing process and a hassle. However, calling our Palm Springs corporate law firm can be the first step to getting started on incorporating your business successfully. Using an attorney to help you incorporate your business will give you a number of advantages, including: Continue reading

Starting a Local Business in Palm Springs? We Help You Meet Zoning and Land Permit Requirements

Starting a business in California requires prospective owners to take a variety of steps. These enable them to discover specific standards needed to start a company. Each jurisdiction will have certain requirements to meet before receiving verification. With this in mind individual’s who desire to begin their business need to follow basic steps to reach their goal. Continue reading

Do You Need a Trust?

A trust or a living trust is a legal document that somehow acts as your will while you are living. It puts all your assets into a trust used later for your benefit until the time you die. It then transfers to your heirs or beneficiaries. Continue reading