Why Seek Legal Help in Construction Disputes

Disputes can occur at all stages of a construction project. Construction litigation is risky, the damage awards can be large, and professional reputations, and emotions are often involved. Our Palm Springs business litigation law firm understands the interests, and the stakes of those involved. Resolutions require pragmatic approaches, and experience. Representation is required for contractors, suppliers, architects, developers, tenants, engineers, purchasers, insurance companies, and sellers. 

Our Palm Springs business litigation law firm has a history in the industry of construction. Our technical knowledge covers defects, financing, design, and product liability. We can solve complicated fact patterns, protect reputations, and protect investments. 

The Benefits of Using Construction Litigation

The firm handles construction law, including land use, real estate, eminent domain, and public, and environmental law. We are highly experienced in commercial developments, and residential units. Our general litigation is nationwide, and includes both the federal, and state courts.

The attorneys represent general contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, and construction managers in cases involving defective construction allegations for large commercial properties. This includes condominiums, office buildings, and hospitals. These cases are often complicated, involve numerous defendants, and plaintiffs, large volumes of technical designs, and drawings, and multiple technical disciplines.

The Specifics of Construction Litigation

Construction litigation concerns an area of highly specialized law. Construction contracts contain exculpatory clauses including liquidated damages clauses, notice of claim requirements, pay-when-paid clauses, no-damage-for-delay clauses, and the order approval process is often changed.

When the contractual, and statutory obligations are not in compliance, the claim can easily be waivered, or the adverse party can sustain substantial liability. An attorney must possess a deep knowledge in this area of law to attain the best possible litigation results, and avoid any pitfalls.