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Conversations About Year End Planning

Whether you are a small business owner or an individual taxpayer, this year end tax planning presentation has something for everyone?
Tax reform changes affecting individual, estate, and gift tax rates and exclusions, and expiring tax deductions after 2013?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including discussion of employer and individual mandates regarding insurance coverage and penalties for non-compliance?
Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage and IRS rules on the tax related issues? Continue reading

How to Find a Palm Springs Business Litigation Law Firm with These Top Two Questions

In the cases of business actions, it’s more that just a trial. When things go according to plan, there won’t be a trial at all. With the assistance and expertise of a business litigation lawyer, your case can be determined by convincing strategies and practical tactics from the beginning of the process. When this is done correctly, court can be avoided altogether. It’s up to you to choose a Palm Springs business litigation law firm that knows how to do this right the first time. Here are some questions to ask before choosing a law firm to help with your case. Continue reading

Gino Lamont fronts the 3rd Annual Dancing with the Desert Stars while co-host Randy Roberts “drags” dancers through the Green Room

Toni Basil, “Legacy” Perez, and Aiden Turner will judge this year’s dancers

PALM SPRINGS, CA, October 1, 2013 – KMIR-6 anchorman Gino Lamont knows he’ll have to be on his toes as host of Dancing with the Desert Stars on Friday, November 22 at the Renaissance Palm Springs, to benefit the 100 Women program at Desert AIDS Project. His co-host, drag performer Randy Roberts, will be on his toes as well … but he’ll have the benefit of those stilettos he wears so well! Continue reading

“Dancing with the Desert Stars” returns Friday, November 22

An uplifting experience, benefiting 100 Women at Desert AIDS Project, at the Renaissance Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, CA, September 12, 2013 – Those competing to succeed local TV reporter/anchor Bianca Rae as the 2013 Dancing Desert Star will be showing their best moves on an elevated dance floor this year, to improve the view for all audience members. Once again, all of the action will take place at the Renaissance Hotel Palm Springs on Tahquitz Canyon on Friday, November 22. Continue reading

What is an S Corp Shareholder Agreement and How it Benefits a Business

An S Corp Shareholder Agreement or Buy-Sell Agreement is a suggested for anyone who has ownership in an S Corp business. S Corporations are businesses who elect not to pay federal income taxes because the business’s profits or losses for the year will be divided and paid to the corporation’s shareholders. It is then the shareholder’s responsibility to claim the income or loss when filing his/her income tax return. Continue reading

Create a Successful Strategy with Los Angeles Mergers and Acquisitions Firms for Scaling Deals

Mergers and acquisitions firms provide services that must support your company’s strategy in order to be successful. In this context, “strategy” is in relation to your method of realizing your ambitions for your company. Not only must a company define the markets in which it shall compete, it must distinguish itself from the competition in order to surpass its competitors. Continue reading

The Top Executor Duties and How Palm Springs Trust and Estate Lawyers Counsel

Acting as the executor on an estate is both an honor and an encumbrance. An executor has the heavy duty of honoring the wishes of a decedent with respect to his personal and real property, children, and any specific requests he may have had regarding these issues. An executor must handle and protect the decedent’s property and affairs through payment of the estate’s taxes and debts and distribution of any remaining assets to his beneficiaries. A Los Angeles probate attorney can help define the executor’s duties Continue reading